PHOTOS: Museveni: Those who Listened to Me are Harvesting from the Farm

President Museveni has said he is laughing to the bank after registering considerable harvests from the presidential farm in Kawumu, Luwero District.

In October 2016, Museveni started a demonstration farm in Kawumu to put in practice his widely publicized four-acre farming model.

“Today, 16 months later and with consistent bottle irrigation, the farm is yielding results,” said Museveni while taking journalists on the tour of the farm on Wednesday.

“We are now harvesting tomatoes, passion fruits, mushrooms, pineapples and matooke alongside fish, chicken and dairy products.”

“The coffee too is flowering at 12 months instead of the usual 18 months because they survived the first stages on drip irrigation. So there is no question about our ability to improve our household income when we employ basic measures such as this,” said Museveni.

Museveni inspecting the banana plantation at the farm

The president in March 2017 said he started the farm in Kawumu to demonstrate to locals how they can embrace farming to eradicate poverty.

He said the farm will in future serve as a government demonstration school to government agencies and people from the nearby districts.

“But you find people suffering in poverty because they don’t listen to this message,” he observed.


On Wednesday, Museveni reminded the public of his calls to apply simple techniques like irrigation from springs to mitigate effects of drought instead of waiting for rains.

Museveni harvesting a pineapple

“At that time, we were experiencing an extended drought and I talked to people about adapting some rudimentary methods like drip irrigation using plastic water bottles to keep the crops alive,” Museveni told journalists yesterday.

“Those who heeded my advice must be happy. They should be harvesting like me.”

Some of the major challenges to agricultural sector in Uganda include low commercial agricultural levels, lack of linkage between research and farmers, low use of fertilizers, low coverage of irrigation and land fragmentation.

Others are low level of value addition, high cost of finance, lack of agricultural machinery, vectors and diseases, and poor transport network.

Passion fruits were some of his harvests

Museveni said Kawumu was a special place in the protracted struggle against bad governance that brought the NRM to power.

“I was pleased to be back here today as we focus on the fight against poverty among Ugandan households,” said the president, whose guerillas used Luwero Triangle to wage a protracted war against the regime of Milton Obote.


Museveni said four-acre model is the way to go


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