PHOTOS: Museveni Raps, Preaches about Education and Relationships

It has been a while since anybody heard H.E Kaguta Museveni voicing his renowned song ‘Another Rap.’

However, while at the ‘Born Free Conference on Saturday evening at Lugogo Hockey grounds, Museveni gave the crowd a freestyle live performance by singing his ‘Another Rap’ song.

After rapping, Museveni preached to the audience about the values of education and why they should avoid reckless sexual relationships.

The President emphasized a lot  about choice of career and relationships.

Museveni said that “Sex is okay but very dangerous. Avoid having aimless sex. Perhaps it is one of the attributes to death because you will get infected with HIV.”

He added that “You must preserve your lives for the future. You should have sex at the right time and place, with the right person whom God will provide for you.”

The President also noted that

“Sex has to be of purpose and for a positive reason or result, which is recreation to make a family.”


Talking about relationships, he gave a story of how he made a covenant with his children to lock up their private treasures till due time, which they did.

He thus advised his grandchildren and all youth in Uganda to follow the same system.

In addition to that, he advised the audience to engage their children in their personal plans, besides encouraging them to learn from them (parents)  in order to have a successful future.

Museveni also thoughtfully advised the audience to choose  careers basing on the job market in Uganda.

“Fortunately, together with your parents, we laid a stable education foundation which is a great opportunity you should embrace for personal growth and development,” Museveni said, before adding;

“You have to practice careers for the available jobs on  the market  in as far as valuing  your purposeful academia is concerned.


Museveni raps for the youth at Born Free Conference
Congregants who enjoyed Museveni’s rap
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