PHOTOS: Museveni, Natasha Visit Sacred Nakayima Tourist Site

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has paid a visit to Nakayima Tourist Site in Mubende district to promote tourism.

Before heading to Kagadi and Kakumiro district to campaign for the Woman MP and LC V leaders, viagra 60mg President Museveni and his daughter Natasha Karugire also took off time on Thursday to view the hills surrounding Nakayima Tourist Site.

This was revealed by the President’s Press Secretary Lindah Nabusayi.

Located on top of Mubende Hill on Kampala-Fort portal Road, store Nakayima tree is believed to be sacred.

It gets its name from a princess called Nakayima who resided at this place.

Her greatest power was said to be the prevention and cure of smallpox and she was consulted by both the highest and the lowest people about fertility and general illnesses.

The tree is supported at its base by a large root buttresses, forming nooks and fissures.

The root system has formed four spaces believed to be rooms each for Ddahula, Nalongo Jajja Mukasa, Jajja Musoke and Kilunda.


The top of the hill has a flat table-like top which is believed to have been a fort for the Chwezi dynasty (1350 -1400) and an official residence of Nakayima, a Princess to Ndahura the last King of the empire.

Museveni and Natasha touring Nakayima site
Museveni and Natasha touring Nakayima site


Once on the top of the hill one gets an excellent view of Mubende Town and the surrounding area.

The tree which is 40 meters high is estimated be 400-500 years old.

In the same area is Nakayima Shrine of the spirits of Nakayima, the first wife of the Bachwezi King Ndahura.

The shrine is visited by people paying homage to Nakayima or Bachwezi dynasty.

The believers offer sacrifices of coins, animals and other items to obtain favors of wealth, good health and others from the Bachwezi goddess.

The Bachwezi were believed to possess supernatural powers.

The tree is therefore believed to be the spiritual home for the Bachwezi goddess respected by both the Baganda and the Banyoro. Nakayima Shrine is also said to hold the spirit of Ndahura, a former Bachwezi king.

Nabusayi said President Museveni donated Shs 30m to maintain and promote the tourist site.

The President also made stops in Mubende town Main Street and St. Peters Technical Institute Mubende where he greeted his supporters.

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