PHOTOS: MTN’s ‘Bosco’ Pays A Visit To His Makers

By now you probably know Bosco, the man who’s taken Uganda by storm in MTN’s new MoMo Pay campaign.

What you may not know are the guys who created his story: Eric Mununuzi (Associate Creative Director) who wrote the TV ad and the song, and Francis Xavier Kirabira (Senior Art Director) the man behind all the artwork for MTN.

BOSCO poses with Farida Nabulime, an art director at TBWA Uganda

Obviously, with a lot of support from the rest of the team at TBWAUganda.

Well, the three met again this afternoon, less than three weeks after the commercial aired on TV and digital media, when Bosco visited TBWAUganda on Plot 41 Luthuli Ave, Kampala.

BOSCO reviews some artwork before it goes out to a TBWA Uganda to ensure it is just as comical as he is!

So who is Bosco? Born and raised in Kyebando, Kasirye Siraje is a married, 35-year-old father of two. He’s a multi-skilled individual working in the arts and carpentry industry with a deep passion for acting.

When you meet Siraje, it’s his warmth that will greet you, closely followed by his disarming smile. But it’s in his sense of humor that you will truly find appealing. No wonder he has been able to make almost everyone in Uganda laugh after watching the Bosco advert.

BOSCO proposes some minor changes to some of the client artwork at TBWA Uganda. ‘It has to be funny!’ he insisted.

During the visit, Bosco took time to pose for photos with the wider team at TWBAUganda.

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