PHOTOS: Mr.Eazi, Tekno Wow Mammoth Crowd at Bell Jamz Concert

International music stars Mr. Eazi and Tekno staged a mind-blowing show on Friday night during the Bell Jamz concert that was held at Cricket Oval Lugogo.

The ‘leg over’ singer, was the first to take on the stage.

He  sang all his songs  with the backup of a live band.

He started with ‘Dance for Me’, one of his hit songs that made him famous.

“Wow Uganda you are the best crowd, big love,” Mr.Eazi said amidst roars from the crowd.

Clad in a black slacks, a flowery shirt and a hat behind his back, the slim artiste performed for almost 2 hours nonstop.

Mr.Eazi finally concluded with his mega hit song ‘Leg Over’ which threw revelers into a frenzy.

“Hold up, let us make history today Uganda by taking a selfie,” he said, as he took a selfie of the crowd with his phone and went off the stage.


“I had underestimated Mr.Eazi but he has put up a great show beyond my expectations ,” said Joan Mugisa, a fan  who was at Lugogo.

Tekno delayed to come on stage and the host of the day Anita Fabiola tried to calm the crowd because it was going out of control.

“I understand you want Tekno, I want to see him too but he will be here in a bit just be calm,” said Fabiola.

Tekno came on stage at 11:00Pm and by the reaction of the crowd it was clear that he was the long-awaited for star.

The light-skinned singer started by greeting the crowd and assuring everyone about his love for Uganda.

He started with ‘Diana’,  his hit song, but soon replaced the name ‘Diana’ with ‘Uganda’ as he sang.

“I love you so much Uganda,” said the ‘Rara’ artiste before the crowd shouting back, “We love you too!”.

A one Samantha screamed and almost fainted when Tekno started the ‘Samantha’ song saying, “Tekno I am Samantha.”

Unfortunately Tekno sang for a short time and missed most of his songs like ‘Go’ and ‘Be’ among others which never left the crowd pleased.

However, he sent the crowd wild by throwing his jacket in the audience, sparking off a scuffle as revellers fought for it.

“All in all the show was not bad, just that I expected Tekno to sing longer than he has; there are songs I really wanted to hear but he dint sing them,” said a one Irene, who was at the concert.


Tekno doing his thing
Mr. Eazi arriving on stage
These guys also had fun
Ugandans showed Tekno and Mr.Eazi much love
They had fun all night

These two had a nice time
These two enjoyed the concert together
Are you enjoying the music like me
Tekno grooving on stage
The audience was full to capacity
She also attended the show
Some of the revelers at the concert
He had a nice time with her
Elegant ladies at the Bell Jamz concert
Partiers enjoying life at the show
Let metake our Selfie for this memorable moment
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