PHOTOS: Miss Curvy Contestants Storm Parliament, Kadaga Endorses Initiative

Curvaceous women stormed Parliament on Wednesday demanding for the house’s endorsement of their controversial beauty pageant.

The group clad in revealing attire, entered Parliament at 1:00pm with their vans through the main gate only reserved for Members of Parliament, staff and VIPs.

They were immediately ushered to the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga’s chambers on the 6th floor by the seemly captivated senior protocol officers.

Led by Miss Curvy Uganda Chief Executive Officer, Annie Mungoma, the ladies complained that they have been segregated for a long time in the favor of only skinny ladies.

“Madam Speaker, the African lady blessed with beautiful flesh has been neglected for long and the skinny ladies have got the attention and the opportunities,” said Mungoma.

Speaker Kadaga meeting the contestants

These asked Parliament, where members are already split on matter to openly endorse the Miss Curvy.

In response, the Speaker accepted the position of curvy women, and promised to rally the whole House behind them.

“I have heard and understood your position. I also feel we should not discriminate and I am going to present this position to members,” said the Speaker.


During the plenary sitting on Wednesday afternoon, the Speaker informed the house about her engagement with the curvy women.

“Honorable members, today I got a petition from miss curvy beauty pageant organizers. Their position is that they have a right to organize their beauty pageant. They said it is not sex tourism,” said Kadaga.

She appealed to MPs to reconsider their earlier position of stopping the project.

“My view is that if we insist on this position we will be discriminating against the big/curvy ladies. If we are ok with the small ones, let us also understand the big ones,” added Kadaga.

Several feminist groups and activists have already condemned the miss curvy project and equated it to sex tourism.


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