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PHOTOS: Machar, Kiir Row Deepens

Former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi supporters under the Poor NRM Youth have rubbished claims that their top leaders including Omodo Omodo and Adam Luzindana crossed and are now paying allegiance to President Museveni.

Addressing journalists in Kampala on Thursday evening, doctor cure the youth led by their National Coordinator Isa Kato explained that its true Omodo Omodo and Luzindana met the president but stressed that it was not true they had defected.

“They are founding members of the NRM Poor Youth group and can’t defect. They were invited by the party chairman as members and youth leaders in the party. In any case as youth leaders if the President invites them, more about website like this they can’t refuse, mind ” Kato told journalists.

“Whenever they meet the party chairman, it’s after consent and endorsement of Mbabazi but the falsehoods that they crossed are not binding. Supporting Mbabazi will not stop us from meeting the party chairman.”

According to the Pro-Mbabazi youth, the former Prime Minister can’t be moved by what they termed as falsehoods and noted that he is watching all the events unfolding before he announces the next move.

“Mbabazi doesn’t work upon excitements but is mobilizing in order to attain the highest office in the land. He won’t be pushed to do anything he is not ready to but soon he will announce the next move as far as politics is concerned. In fact it’s only his actions that will tell with time.”

On being ousted from the post of NRM Secretary General, the youth explained that what matters to Mbabazi is being a member of the ruling party which they said will help him rise to the highest office in the country.

“He will not chicken out but he is ready to fight for the Presidency. Mbabazi is still taking time but will stand even if not through the NRM. He will remain silent as the President goes on the defensive but time will tell,” Kato added.


Media reports this week had that Adam Buyinza Luzindana, the NRM youth league vice chairman for Kampala, and Willy Omodo Omodo, the NRM youth league vice-chairman for northern Uganda had reportedly crossed over from the Mbabazi camp to the side of President Museveni.
The 29th Extra-Ordinary Summit of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development  (IGAD) that was scheduled to find lasting solutions to the conflict -ravaged South Sudan was Thursday night put off to Saturday.

The summit was formally postponed after hours of consultations between the Heads of State and Government from the IGAD bloc on the one side and the two sides of the South Sudan Conflict.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, ed the current Rapporteur of IGAD and Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni, check were among the Heads of state and government who had attended the summit to explore ways  of finding peace and security to South Sudan.

The other heads of states were Presidents Omar Bashir of Sudan, Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Salva Kiir of South Sudan who is locked in political conflict with his former Vice President Dr. Riek Machar who was present with his team.

The Summit at the Sheraton Hotel, Addis Ababa was also attended by foreign representatives and observers from various institutions including the UN.

Although no details were given over the postponement of the Summit, the unresolved issues on the South Sudan agenda include demands by some of the protagonists for a structured transitional government of national unity with a pre-determined ratio of power sharing.

After signing a peace deal with Kiir in Arusha last week, Machar later convened a Summit of his allies in Nairobi during the weekend where he demanded that Kiir resigns from chairing SPPLA/M for “misrule and causing the turmoil that has led to the death of thousands of people.”

Kiir arriving for the IGAD meeting in Ethiopia on Thursday
Kiir arriving for the IGAD meeting in Ethiopia on Thursday

Machar further insisted that South Sudan must have two armies with him commanding one of them, a proposal government has refused to accept.

“Over 70 percent of the army has defected. It can’t be reintegrated in 30 percent of the mainstream army,” he said, adding, “Kiir is surviving on the support of UPDF and forces from different countries.”

It is understood Kiir responded by ordering his army to prepare for combat action against Machar as there is no hope of a political solution to the conflict.

The other issues causing conflict between the two sides include adequate and mutually agreeable political reforms ahead of the all-inclusive elections scheduled for May this year.

Museveni attended the brief meeting on South Sudan
Museveni attended the brief meeting on South Sudan

The two sides to the conflict are also yet to agree on the restructuring of the security arrangements considering that each side of the protagonists has its own armed security forces.

They are yet to work on a method to harmonize security forces from the two sides.

The two sides in the conflict are yet to agree on how the massive humanitarian crisis obtaining in the country will be handled.

There are also international concerns that the two sides are yet to embrace calls for total cessation of hostilities.

Rebel spokesperson Brig Lul Koang on Thursday told Chimpreports that SPLA “has completed amassing troops, assembling equipment and battle tanks in Gadiang and Poktap with immediate intention of launching coordinated attacks on Greater Lou-Nuer counties in multi-fronts.”

He added: “The Enemy’s high command meetings aimed at fine tuning operational plans has been held in Gadiang and Poktap. Finalized Operational Plans indicated loyalist forces will advance on Lou-Nuer areas on three axis: Ayod- Pathai, Poktap-Pajut, Gadiang-Pamai and Wei-kol axis.”

Kenyatta was among the leaders who agreed that the summit should be postponed
Kenyatta was among the leaders who agreed that the summit should be postponed
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