PHOTOS: Libyan Prime Minister Visits Old Kampala Mosque

President Museveni has warned the people of Buliisa district against spoiling L. Albert through bad fishing methods which he said have depleted the lake of almost all the fish.

Museveni was on Monday afternoon addressing a rally at Ndandamire Primary School in Buliisa district where he said he had stopped the Beach Management Unit officials who were terrorizing fishermen and facilitating poor fishing methods in the lakes throughout the country.

“Those people (BMUs) were thieves and I stopped them but you have continued to use poor fishing methods. I have failed to get a permanent solution to this problem from you, medicine ” the NRM presidential candidate said.

“You need to emulate cattle keepers who will never eat a calf unlike you who get young fish and eat it. I am 71 years now but since I was born I have never seen a Munyankole eat a calf and that’s how they have been able to accumulate many cows.”

President Museveni said that he is always irked by communities who live around lakes and other fishing areas but have failed to protect the lake by sparing the young fish that would in future benefit them.

He sought the assistance of elders from these areas to be able to oversee and sensitize people on how to ensure the young fish are protected.

“Let the fish grow for at least 3 months. In this period a number of eggs will have hatched and these will grow into big fish that will later be got and you will benefit, more about ” Museveni advised.

Museveni warned against the destruction of the lake by careless fishermen
Museveni warned against the destruction of the lake by careless fishermen

The president said the area is developing at a faster rate with schools and hospitals and said soon the main road from Hoima- Butiaba and then Buliisa would be tarmacked to ease transport in the area.


On the issue of schools, Museveni said that despite people in the area being able to read and write, they lack skills which he said needs a technical school to help them achieve this.

He said government would oversee construction of valley dams in the area to help them deal with the problem of water shortage for their animals mostly during periods of drought.

300 Opposition Supporters Defect to NRM

Meanwhile, a group of over 300 opposition supporters especially from former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s Go Forward pro-change and FDC denounced their parties and defected to the ruling NRM party before being received by President Museveni.

This was facilitated by the clandestine Team Thorough-YKM mobilisation team.

In an interview with ChimpReports, Santos Ozuga, the group leader who also doubled as the Go Forward coordinator for Mid -Western Bunyoro districts of Buliisa, Kibaale, Hoima, Kiryandongo and Masindi noted that he was duped into joining the Mbabazi group.

President Museveni meeting some of the defectors on Monday
President Museveni meeting some of the defectors on Monday

“In 2011, some group of people from Kampala came and told us they had been sent by Amama Mbabazi that he had reached an agreement with President Museveni that he was to become the next head of state,” he narrated.

“They told us that he had come with an alternative government that would provide jobs for youths and developing everyone.”

According to the 48 year-old former Go Forward coordinator, together with other people, they were asked to recruit at least 20 members from each of the 5 districts in a bid to enjoy the ‘benefits’ of the next government.

“We were promised a lot of things including money but we only received transport to help us move around doing mobilization,” he lamented.

U-Turn to NRM

Ozuga however said late last year, he was approached by the same group that had recruited him to join Amama Mbabazi telling him of how they have realized they had been duped to join a wrong person who could not be trusted and asked him to return to the ruling NRM party.

“They told me they had been hoodwinked to join someone who had no future for the country. Considering what I had gone through after being promised money but had not got it, I decided to follow them back to the NRM,” he says.

Ozuga said at this time he was asked to mobilize other members to also return to the ruling NRM throughout the 5 districts.
Ugandan Mufti Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje has praised Libya for supporting Muslims supporting Muslims in Uganda in different ways including the construction of the National Mosque.

This occurred Monday during a meeting between Mubaje and the Prime Minister of Libya Eng. Khalifa Al Ghweil at the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council Headquarters, medical Old Kampala.

Mubaje commended the Libyan Prime minister for visiting the National Mosque noting that it is a symbol of continued brotherhood between the government of Libya and Uganda Muslim Supreme council.

On the current state of the National Mosque, the Mufti said it needs regular maintenance so that it can continue to serve its purpose.

The Mufti commended Eng. Khalifa and other political leaders in Libya for agreeing to work together and condemned the ongoing violence in the Middle East and urged the parties to address their ideological differences through dialogue.

Mufti (L) welcomes the Libyan prime minister in his office at the UMSC Headquarters Old Kampala
Mufti (L) welcomes the Libyan prime minister in his office at the UMSC Headquarters Old Kampala

“Here in Uganda, we started the Inter Religious Council of Uganda and it is doing very well in promoting peace through dialogue” the Mufti told his guests.

In his remarks, Eng. Khalifa Al Ghweil commended the Mufti of Uganda for according him a warm welcome to the UMSC Headquarters and for maintaining warm relations with the Libyan government. He also commended the entire UMSC administration for serving Muslims in Uganda.

He said the National Mosque is a monument of knowledge and light and pledged to support UMSC in efforts to keep it in good condition.

The Prime Minister giving his remarks
The Prime Minister giving his remarks

He toured various UMSC projects at the UMSC Headquarters which include the Mosque section, the Islamic Call University College, the National Mosque Library, the UMSC Conference Hall and Radio Bilal.

While visiting the Islamic Call University College, he announced an offer of 10 scholarships to best performing students in different disciplines at the college.

The Prime Minister was accompanied by his Deputy H.E Muhammad Al Elhaffer and the Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Ali Zaakukh.

The World Islamic Call Society Country Director Muhammad Shatir Khalifah and the Secretary General for the Union of Muslim Councils for East Central and Southern Africa Sheikh Haruna Kasangaki were also present.

The Prime Minister performing prayers in the National Mosque
The Prime Minister performing prayers in the National Mosque
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