PHOTOS: Ladies Whose Outfits Caused Commotion at Roast and Rhyme

Short dresses, skirts, jumpsuits and patras were the order of the day at Roast and Rhyme.
Themed ‘story telling’ , this edition had more stylish slay queens than any other.
They came in as pairs waiting to enjoy the day
Babes cat walked through attired in stylish shorts, netted dresses, skimpy dresses, damaged jeans among others.
Almost every man thanked Swangz Avenue under their breath for always organizing such an event as they kept on turning heads uncontrollably to feed their eyes.
“Where do all these babes be hiding every day?” asked a dumbfounded gentleman.
It was like a thigh power competition and at the same time, a new trends competition.
It was a kind of show where there was no winner to take it all because the next one always looked better so it was hard to decide.
The day event treated partiers to great entertainment , meat and all kinds of drinks were in plenty too.
Yes the day was for free dresses
She must be a footballer from the look of the legs
We are here to show off
Mama Naki did you see the woman I told you about?
The landlord must have called from the look of things
Let me dance…
Birds of the same feathers flock together 
From the land of milk and honey

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