Photos: Kisekka Market Demolition Kicks Off

This morning traders in the downtown Kisekka market woke up to move their assets to other locations to give way a redevelopment exercise.

The awaited demolition of this market kicked off peacefully with traders gathering outside their shops to monitor their goods being moved to nearby shopping malls.
All the shops and kiosks in this market were demolished amidst resistance and threats from a small group of traders who petitioned court seeking an order to block the redevelopment process.

Men trying to remove a door from one of the demolished shops
Through their chairperson Hajji Asad Bukenya, more about they claimed to have lost a great deal of merchandise as the demolition work was kick started without their knowledge.
Bukenya also noted that that the exercise was being conducted illegally as the deadline they were given still had more days on it.
The spokes person for the Kisekka market traders Simon Peter Lubwama however, described the complaints and allegations by Haji Asad as false information with a hidden agenda.

scrap dealers have got an opportunity to share on the metalic items
“It’s not true that we have forced traders to vacate this market. They are doing it wilfully and we as management are there to oversee and monitor that the exercise goes on successfully,” he retorted.

“So far we have not got any problem in this process and once it moves on like this, it’s going to be the first peaceful  relocation process to take place in Kampala’ said Lubwama.

Aerial view of a part of Kisekka market under demolition
Kaggwa Charles a motor vehicle spear parts dealer in this market remarked that they had no problem with the developing the place because it is being made to uplift their working standards.


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