PHOTOS: Kenya’s Chipukeezy, Winnie Nwagi Rock Comedy Store

It is not a secret that Kenya’s comedy industry is more lucrative and quite ahead of Uganda, both in number of individual players and demand.

The number of standup comedians has multiplied rapidly over the years and the result of this competition for the audience has become individuals that are tested.

Perhaps thats why when Kenyan funny man Vincent Muasya popularly known as Chipukeezy performed at the Diners Lounge based Comedy Store show in Bukoto on Thursday, he didn’t struggle to crack the audience.

Chipukeezy who formerly was part of the Churchill show has previously performed in Uganda especially on the annual Africa Laughs.

Thursday’s showcase served as his maiden appearance on the weekly Comedy Store show.

The award winning comic in his signature tinted hair wore an all-black attire (T-shirt, jacket and ripped denims).

When he took stage, Chipukeezy couldn’t help mocking Uganda’s political democracy.

“We have elections coming in Kenya but gladly, we have no idea who will be our next President. In Uganda, it is different,” he joked.


He went on with a tale on how Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta recently skipped a Presidential debate in which he was supposed to face off with his strong rival Raila Odinga.

“Our President must have called your President (Museveni) and he told him; ‘Don’t attend! Those are high school talking competitions’.”

Often, Chipukeezy drew comparisons on the ways of life between Uganda and his homeland Kenya.

“In Kenya, when someone mistakenly sends you mobile money, they will call you and ask; ‘Did u see the money? If you withdrew it, then you are initiated into Illuminati. So, which of your parents are you sacrificing? Your mother or father?'”

But daring Kenyans, he said, will stubbornly ask the caller; “Are you for real? Why take my parent? I want to join Illuminati.”

For close to 40 minutes, Chipukeezy made fun of a range of topics and the reaction from the audience was testament that his punchlines hit the right spots.

Also part of the night’s acts was songstress Winnie Nwagi and comedians; Amooti Omubalanguzi, The Talkers and Dikhanio. It is perhaps no wonder that Thursday’s show drew in record numbers of revelers.

Chipukeezy steps of stage to interact with the audience

A reveler laughed so hard and couldn’t control the tears.
Amooti Omubalanguzi acts with Kasooto from his group New Amarula Productions

The audience cheered as Winnie Nwagi performed
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