PHOTOS: Kampala Rich Kids Who Live Large & Party Wild

Uganda is full of Rich Kids, who live large and freely spend money as if they  harvest it from trees.

These are sons and daughters of wealthy, influential Ugandans, who range from government officials to tycoons, expatriates and other prominent people.

We thus unveil for you some of Kampala’s top Rich Kids who include but are not limited to the following;


Gideon Kirumira

He is tycoon Gideon Kirumira’s eldest son and heir apparent.

Gideon is officially hooked to a lady identified as Nadia Said, with whom he has twins. However, this doesn’t stop him from partying with other babes like Mastullah Mutaasa, daughter of Mutaasa Kafeero and others.  Gideon is known to often go for road trips to Jinja and other destinations with his female pals for fun-filled steamy sessions.



David Kalungi

He is son of city businessman Moses Kalungi and a close friend of Gideon Kirumira. Kalungi is another city party animal who often goes to bars at hotels in Kampala with buddies to enjoy merry-making when in Uganda. He spends most of his time abroad.


Rugirwa Katatumba

He is late tycoon Boney Katatumba’s son. Rugirwa is also managing part of his late father’s estate with his twin sister Angella. However, despite being officially hooked and with tots, Rugirwa enjoys binge partying and boozing especially at Protea Hotel Entebbe. Rugirwa’s wife is based in America but he prefers to remain in Uganda, where he can party without her prohibitions.


Nadia Mbiire

Nadia is tycoon Charles Mbiire’s eldest daughter.

After getting married to Yasser Matovu, she started withdrawing from her Kardashian lifestyle of partying 24/7.

She took a job at the Rwenzori Courts based accountants’ bureau and ended her dependence on her father’s account.  However, Nadia, who is currently an expectant mother,  has been pampered since childhood and lives like an oil princess. She often travels to expensive places like Beverly Hills in America, top restaurants in Dubai or UK whenever she wants to relax or have a nice time.


Thandiwe Mbiire

She is Nadia’s little sister who is a bit laid back. She prefers a quiet life, but is also a party animal, despite being less flashy than her elder sister.


Gloria Wavamunno

She is tycoon Gordon Wavamunno’s daughter, who is a fashion designer. Her father is currently facing financial hurdles but this doesn’t stop her from partying. Although based abroad, Gloria usually storms  top night clubs when in Uganda, where she is often spotted smoking and gulping hard liquor, especially when there are fashion gigs in town. But she spends most of her time in America and or Europe, where she parties more while doing her fashion thing.


Sam Muhwezi

He is a heavy partier who used to party at high profile places in leafy Kampala suburbs.

His father Jim Muhwezi, a former minister, used to get sleepless nights over Sam’s abnormal binge partying. He was forced to get him a job at the  American Embassy in Uganda.

Sam got engaged to his lover a few months ago with the help of his mother Susan Muhwezi.


Siki and Anisha Kigongo

These two lovely ladies are daughters of Uganda National Chamber of Commerce boss Olive Zaitun Kigongo and NRM vice chairman Hajji Moses Kigongo.

They command respect amongst their peers and enjoy life in Kampala like no one else. Any confrontation with these girls over their partying sprees has landed very many people in trouble.


Cedric Babu

He is Olive Kigongo’s son whom she produced during her first marriage with Edward Francis Babu, before Kigongo scooped her.

Just like his sisters, Babu, who owns Kinetic Energy, an events company, is regular partier.

He used to smoke some time back although pals say he quit.

His favourite booze is Castle Malt and Tusker Lite.

Babu is married to a Mzungu woman based in America and together they have two tots but he abandoned her to enjoy life with DJ Karol Karungi.


Alexander Mukonzi Saleh

He is son of General Caleb Akandwanaho ‘Rufu’ aka Salim Saleh.

Alexander values his privacy so much that even when he got an accident which almost took his life, he wanted it kept a top secret for the months he spent in hospital.

Being President Yoweri Museveni’s nephew and cousin of Major General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Alexander commands much power wherever he storms.

Sources intimate that he partied so wild that his dad reduced access to money so as to tame his partying antics.


Paul Kassaga

He is heir and General Manager of his late father Andrew Kassaga Zimmwe’s properties.

After inheriting his father’s estate and huge bank debts, Paul has been partying as if there is no tomorrow.

He is known to enjoy heavy booze binges to an extent that at times he even fails to drive himself home and has to be helped to Good Samaritans.


Job Katuramu

He is son of jailed father John Sanyu Katuramu had a lot of assets both in Fort Portal and Kampala.

However, ever since he started managing them, Job has blowing the assets and dime accrued from them on partying with friends.

It is said that that he even reached an extent of surviving on Andrew Mwenda and sold off his shares at Club 256, after selling off his dad’s houses in Muyenga and other city suburbs.



Lucy Bunyenyezi

She is daughter of tycoon Ezra Bunyenyezi of Security 2000, the former boss of Uganda Travel Bureau.

Lucy is a famous actress who usually travels between Kampala and America as it is a village trip.

This elegant lady became very popular after allegedly turning down Tooro king Omukama Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru’s interests. She is however a religious partier whose love for white wine and champagne is like reciting The Lord’s Prayer.


Prince Crispin Kiwewa Jjunju

Jjunju is son of Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi and Lady Venetia Sebudandi, Rwanda’s former High Commissioner to India. Jjunju is now attending his father’s errands abroad and has resorted to a quiet life.

But during his heydays, he was a regular at top night clubs in Kampala.  He also used to party heavily in South Africa with Sangomas like King Lawrence, Ed Cheune, late Ivan Ssemwanga and others.


Esther Chanelle

This one is Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Executive Director Jenifer Musisi’s daughter and is based in Rome, Italy.

Esther is a flashy babe who enjoys partying, dressing on expensive clothes and bragging about it in her Instagram photos. She usually spends weekends at exclusive spots in China, Thailand, Malaysia or any destination of her choice.


Jane Mary Namuli

This is former Presidential Press Secretary Tamale Mirundi’s daughter. Namuli is fast turning into one of Kampala’s top slayers, who lives a flashy lifestyle.

She  usually throws lavish birthday parties annually and attends wild, booze-filled house parties organized by other rich kids.


Kutesa Kids

Inga, Ishta Asiimwe Kutesa, Charlotte Kutesa and Elizabeth Kutesa are children of Foreign Affairs minister Sam Kutesa. These ones are a pampered lot, especially because their dad has all the money they need to bankroll their lavish lives.

They usually hang out at elitist spots like Kabira Country Club, Speke Resort Munyonyo, the Serena Hotel Panamera Bar, among others, where they spend on booze and snacks  without giving a damn about inflation in Uganda or the troubled economy. Ishta Kutesa is now married to young  tycoon Albert Muganga, a co-Director of the Pioneer Easy Bus (PEB) transport franchise, buy this doesn’t stop her from enjoying partying sprees with her siblings.


Natalie Bitature

She is tycoon Patrick Bitature’s daughter.

Natalie spends most of her time in the USA, where she graduated with a Masters degree in Business Administration from the Hultz Business College in California. Whenever she is in Kampala, Natalie makes it a point to enjoy life to the fullest, despite the fact that her dad expects life to be all about business.


Julianna Nasasira aka Jules

This one is daughter of former Minister John Nasasira.

Jules is a popular fashion guru in Kampala and across borders, who usually gets time  to party hard whenever she is not working. She is close friends with Gloria Wavamunno and they usually party together under the guise of discussing business.



Lorna Nsiima

This one is also Nasasira’s daughter, who is a graduate of journalism and communication from the United Kingdom.

Lorna, who is older than Jules, is married to Israeli businessman identified as Vadim Murmis and has lots of dime at her disposal for enjoying a good life, which she ably does.


Latifa Kavuma aka TK Berries

She is daughter of wealthy businessman promoter Moses Kavuma of KT Events.

Kavuma earns millions of shillings for organizing city music concerts especially for Golden Production band.

However, while he sweats to make ends meet, his daughter enjoys life like she lives in Malibu or Beverly Hills. Typher is always on trips to Dubai, China, London or America where she often goes for shopping and partying.


David Kalungi being sandwiched by Olga Kayaks as his pals Paul Nshimye and Ronald Mayoga flank him
Juliana Nasasira
Lucy Bunyenyezi poses with Gaetano Kagwa
Nadia Mbiire
Ishta Kuteesa
Cedric Babu cuddling DJ Karo
Siki Kigongo enjoying life with a dude
Latifa Kavuma aka TK Berries
Thandiwe Mbiire
Gloria Wavamunno
Gideon Kirumira














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