PHOTOS: Kagonyera to Suruma: Revive Makerere Glory

In yet another scintillating move, health controversial Tanzanian leader John Pombe Magufuli has banned the wearing of miniskirts in the country, medicine Chimp Corps report.

Tanzania Cultural Development Director Herman Mwansoko said all Tanzanian women have three months within which to “get rid of miniskirts for replacement with decent garments.”

This is the latest sweeping move from the indefatigable leader who recently banned Twerking.

Twerking means dancing to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, capsule squatting stance.

The Tanzanian leadership said the rhythmic gyrating of the lower fleshy extremities in a lascivious manner would dilute the much respected African traditional dances.

A strict moralist, Magufuli has since his inauguration last October introduced austerity measures to reduce wastage hence winning international praise.

He banned issuance of Christmas cards by government officials, saying those who wished to send them out must use their personal resources.

Magufuli’s surprise visit to a dilapidated hospital saw the top administrator fired for negligence.
It was a colourful function Monday afternoon as former Minister for Finance and Economic Planning Prof. Ezra Suruma was installed as the third non head of state Makerere University Chancellor.


Speaking at the function, visit this site the outgoing Chancellor Prof. Mondo Kagonyera applauded the appointing authority (president Museveni) for entrusting him as one of the leaders of the oldest university in Uganda and East Africa at large.

“It has been an enriching experience that I have learnt a lot as far as dealing with academic staff, malady administration and students is concerned. I am proud having   associated with this great institution of higher learning,” Prof. Kagonyera said of his 8-year tenure at Makerere University.

On his successor, Prof.  Kagonyera said the new Chancellor has an impeccable record in both politics and economics adding that there could not have been another great person to replace him as Prof. Ezra Suruma whom he described as a great friend of his.

Mondo (R) being handed a portrait from Premier Ruhakana Rugunda
Mondo (R) being handed a portrait from Premier Ruhakana Rugunda

Prof. Kagonyera however highlighted a few challenges which he said government ought to solve if Makerere is to move to greater heights – citing the poor infrastructure as being a big problem facing the Ivory Tower.

“Most of the halls of residence are in a dilapidated condition yet we know the environment one lives in affects the kind of life one lives. If students live in dilapidated structures, it becomes difficult for us to mould them into the people we would want them to be,” the outgoing Chancellor warned.

He added that it is wrong for the university to use students’ fees to facilitate long term projects yet it is the role of government to provide money to cater for this.

Prof. Kagonyera said that unless government takes over this role, Makerere University will always be embroiled in financial crises accruing from use of money meant for students’ welfare to fund the university’s long term projects.

“I am convinced we can amicably dialogue and resolve issues that impact on students and other university staff without freezing activities of the university. Violent protests that lead to destruction of property and loss of lives should never be associated with an institution like Makerere,” he urged.

A painting depicting both Prof Kagonyera and Suruma
A painting depicting both Prof Kagonyera and Suruma

Suruma speaks out

The newly appointed Chancellor Prof. Suruma promised to ensure the university moves to greater heights adding that the best is yet to come from him.

“I will try to do everything to advance further in terms of knowledge, integrity and academic excellence the university,” he noted in his first speech as the new Vice Chancellor.

The function was also attended by the Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda who hailed the new Chancellor as being an expert in finance planning with an impeccable record in academic, political and government service.

Dr. Rugunda said he was confident Prof. Suruma’s tenure would have a significant impact on the oldest university in the region and the education system of the country at large.

Following a recommendation from the university council, President Museveni in December last year appointed former Minister for Finance Prof. Ezra Suruma as the new Makerere University Chancellor replacing Prof. Mondo Kagonyera who had served for 8 years.

According to section 30 of the universities and other tertiary institutions act (2001), the Vice Chancellor whose term is 4 years (can be re-appointed) shall be the head of the university and as such shall in its name confer degrees and other academic titles.


Born Ezra Suruma, the new Makerere Chancellor taught at the university from 1973 – 75 before going to USA where he attained a doctorate degree in Economics in 1976 from the University of Connecticut.

He has a Masters of Arts in Economics and Bachelor of Science.

He was the Minister of Finance from 2005- 2009 in which he was awarded the best minister in Africa in 2008.

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