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PHOTOS: Janet: We’ll Find Killers of St Bernard-Manya Students

Education Minister Ms Janet Museveni has vowed the state will hunt down and apprehend perpetrators of the inferno at St Bernard-Manya Senior Secondary School on Sunday night, Chimp Corps report.

The students were sleeping when some people poured fuel on their beddings before setting the dormitory on fire.

Students told this website the mastermind of the fire locked up the hostel with a padlock before torching it.

The students’ books were not spared by the fire

While some students escaped with serious injuries, 9 were died on the spot. Two were confirmed dead later on Monday.

First Lady Janet Museveni nearly shed a tear as she toured the school. She said he was “disturbed” that anyone could plan to take the precious lives of innocent young boys who were sleeping in their dormitory.

Janet condemned the masterminds of the fire

She castigated the level of indiscipline in schools and vowed a tough response.

“I can assure you that it remains the cardinal responsibility of government to search and find these people who did this,” Janet told students at the assembly, adding, “so that they are judged accordingly.”

She emphasised: “And we shall do it.”


Already, several suspects are in custody at Masaka Police station to facilitate the investigations.

Janet said she had been informed that “some students who had been dismissed from the school for indiscipline are suspected to have had a hand in this sad incident.”

The First Lady went ahead to encourage parents and members of the community to do their job in raising responsible citizens.

The remains of the students’ property burnt in the dormitory

“Please guide your children so we don’t have such insensitive and self-centred children,” said Janet.

The military was deployed yesterday to reinforce security in the community to support investigations into the incident.

The role of an external hand in the fire could not be ruled out since students said anonymous letters had earlier been circulated around the school warning the community that 9 heads of students would soon be taken.

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