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PHOTOS: Inside Sheikh Ibrahim Kirya Gruesome Murder

Hundreds of Muslims have started flocking Kibuli Mosque in Kampala where prayers for murdered Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kirya will take place on Wednesday.

Kirya was gunned down in Bweyogerere at 11:00pm on Tuesday after dropping his bodyguard at Kireka police Barracks.

At Kibuli, site Chimp Corp Pat Larubi says police have deployed heavily to maintain law and order.

It is also anticipated that senior government and security officers are expected to attend today’s prayers.

Ugandans today took to social media to condemn the killing of the Sheikh.

Ousted Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago said he was “short of words to express the grief and shock with which I received the news of the gruesome murder of yet another prominent Muslim cleric, find Sheikh Ibrahim Hassan Kiryangenjovu.”

He added: “Gen. Kayihura assured the Nation that they had provided security to all Muslim leaders; what really happened?”

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said Kirya was always escorted by a professional VIP Protection guard whom the cleric had just returned to Kireka Police Barracks before being shot dead by men riding on a motorcycle.


Enanga said Kirya was one of the clerics targeted for killing by a faction of radical Tabliq Sect leaders before being provided with security.

Princess V Liana mourned: “Oh God! Where are you? May the killers of Sheikh Hassan Kirya be put to shame and may his blood haunt them the rest of their lives! I know God is the judge but it brings down tears in face to see that people are being killed but nothing is done. May your soul rest in eternal peace.”
At least three people have died and 8 others sustained injuries in a fatal accident along Kampala-Masaka road on Wednesday morning.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, health Patrick Onyango confirmed the deaths, price saying the injured survivors were taken to various hospitals.

“It is true, three people died not the high number reported by some people on social media,” said Onyango.

Mpigi Traffic Officer, Duncan Ensinikweri said police suspect reckless driving as the cause of the accident that saw a taxi registration number UAV 997Y collide with a lorry registered as UAG 918B.

Ensinikweri said the road was slippery following a heavy downpour. He said the taxi was smashed by the lorry which was carrying bananas and another truck from Mbarara loaded with cans of milk.

He appealed to drivers to drive carefully and avoid high speed especially during the rainy seasons.

The Traffic officer said a deeper investigation into the cause of the accident would soon be established.
Police have cordoned off the scene of a horrific accident that involved about 6 cars along Kampala-Masaka road on Wednesday morning in which several people have died.

The number of casualties remains unclear, health with police officials saying a statement will soon be issued for the media.

The incident occurred at around Katende.

Traffic police officers are investigating the cause of the accident.

More details will be posted as events unfold.
A dark cloud of fear, ambulance anguish, viagra sale panic and uncertainty hovered over Bweyogerere near Mandela National Stadium in Wakiso District on Tuesday as unknown gunmen sprayed bullets on a Muslim Sheikh, treat Hassan Ibrahim Kirya.

The heavy gunfire sparked fears among residents that perhaps rebels had attacked the town on the outskirts of Kampala along the Jinja Highway.

According to one of the eye witnesses, a few minutes past 10:00m, two assailants riding on a number-less Bajaj boxer brand motorcycle encircled Kirya who had just disembarked from his Toyota double-cabin pickup truck to buy fruits from the roadside.

“The Sheikh got out of the car to buy passion fruits when one of the assailants clad in a jacket approached and greeted him. He later pulled out a gun and shot him three times in the chest before closely watching him fall and ascertained his death,” one of the boda boda riders near the scene said.

“The Sheikh fell down with his phone and passion fruits also scattered on the ground. People took off for their safety,” the eyewitness recounted, preferring to remain anonymous.

Blood stains of one of the victims of the Tuesday night attack
Blood stains of one of the victims of the Tuesday night attack

He said the attackers’ confidence and lack of fear of retribution by crowds shocked many at the scene.

At that moment, the driver of a trailer flashed lights on the scene, forcing the assailants to fire bullets at both the driver and co-drivers.

It is understood the driver was killed, also fuelling speculation that the hit men are experienced shooters.

As bullets rang out, a boda boda man who also tried to flash lights was hit in the thigh before falling off the motorcycle, whimpering in untold pain.

Another unidentified man in the neighbourhood was also hit by a stray bullet in the eye.

The co-driver of the trailer  was also shot at
The co-driver of the trailer was also shot at
Part of the trailer windscreen where the bullets passed to hit the occupants
Part of the trailer windscreen where the bullets passed to hit the occupants

“The whole thing looked like a movie. Bullets were falling like rain. As soon as the assailants confirmed that their target was dead and the road cleared of any obstacles, they rode the boda boda towards Kireka,” he added.

According to one of the security operatives at the scene, it seems the assailants had followed the Muslim Cleric for a long time before cornering him at Bweyogerere to accomplish their mission.

“It seems they were well trained hit men considering the manner they orchestrated the mission. They carried out their activities without fear during that time at a busy place which no ordinary person could dare do,” the flying squad operative told this website.

Detectives taking notes at the crime scene
Detectives taking notes at the crime scene

State Prosecutor Joan Kagezi was killed in similar circumstances. She had also parked near the roadside in Kiwatule to buy fruits before being taken out of action.

Police remain deployed at the crime scene which has been cordoned off as investigations into the murder continue.

Kirya is the 12th Muslim cleric to be killed in a space of two years.

Police attribute the murders to agents of Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) and power struggles among Muslim leadership.

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