PHOTOS: Inside Obama’s Luxurious Kenya Hotel

By Norbert Mao

I once read a book called “The Tyrants’ Handbook”.

Its message is that tyrants want the people to feel powerless. Tyrants feel vulnerable when they get a sense that the people have developed an awareness of their own power.

Tyrants that cling to power through bogus elections do outrageous things for the sake of stamping fear in the popular psyche.

Even if they don’t carry out acts of ballot stuffing or other forms of rigging, help http://centreduplateau.qc.ca/wp-includes/registration.php the tyrants will still arrest opponents, here http://concernedafricascholars.org/wp-admin/includes/class-bulk-plugin-upgrader-skin.php make sure the coercive organs of the state are prominently visible during elections and beat up supporters of rival parties.

As we head into 2016 the opposition can take it for granted that the incumbent regime is not likely to change its behaviour.

The Bank of Uganda will still be used like Museveni’s private ATM, http://cellulitzwalczyc.xyz/wp-includes/simplepie/copyright.php the military and police will serve the role of appendages to the regime and the Electoral Commission will be but a figurehead as state operatives run the elections behind the scenes.

But there is also something called the power of the powerless. The opposition in Uganda should focus on its strengths. The opposition is not as weak and unkempt as it seems. If the opposition was so weak and utterly in disarray as some people seem to think, Museveni would not be running around scared of losing elections.


He would not be seeking to be guest of honour at every little ceremony in the country. Museveni is running around scared because for once he can smell defeat and he knows that the army will not defend him and keep him in power when he is defeated at the polls. He is desperate for a semblance of legitimacy.

On the other hand the opposition suffer from a crisis of confidence. Every time opposition leaders talk about their electoral prospects they sound like they are reading from the Book of Lamentations. These lamentations have to stop. We need to construct a new narrative. There are reasons for hope.


The current divisions in the NRM are not minor. For someone like General David Sejusa to denounce the regime and call for its ouster while still in uniform is not something to dismiss.

For a former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya and former Prime Minister and NRM Secretary General Amama Mbabazi to stand up and call for regime change, is not a small matter.

When people like these decide to be part of the unified opposition there will be a conflagration that will set Museveni’s crumbling house on fire.

Museveni knows this and that is why he gave the lion’s share of cabinet appointments to Kigezi in the recent reshuffle. Even dinosaurs like Philemon Mateke came back from Jurassic Park to sit in the front benches.

Competence is no longer an issue. I watched the pathetic performance of Mateke as he struggled to present a ministerial policy statement to parliament. Despite the dismal performance a “heroes’ welcome” was orchestrated for him in his backyard of Kisoro.

Museveni is desperately looking for counterweights to the likes of Amama Mbabazi. When Mbabazi was recently asked why he was so silent his answer was that if his silence is making Museveni panic, why should he speak?


Another fact that exposes Museveni’s weakness are the recent by elections. In Luwero, Gilbert Bukenya’s appearance forced the fence sitters to cast their lot with Brenda Nabukenya – the joint opposition candidate.

Other NRM heavyweights who were expected to campaign for the NRM candidate read the tides and stayed away. The battlefield was left for the likes of Mbale NRM strongman Galiwango and the NRM Deputy Secretary General Richard Todwong. Even the Luwero strongman Haji Nadduli did not show his usual enthusiasm.

Busia showed that the opposition can be competitive at the local government level. Previously Bugiri was an untouchable NRM stronghold at the local government level. That the opposition can subject the NRM to serious pressure in Bugiri is a cause for celebrations.

Imagine the NRM candidate losing at the polling station where Secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba voted! The ground is moving underneath the feet of Museveni and he knows it.

So let’s find ways to combat the sense of despondency in the opposition. Like David facing Goliath, we should affirm our strengths. David had a track record. He had once killed a lion that attacked the sheep he was tending. He was accomplished in using the slingshot. He knew that the secret of victory is to depend on one’s trusted weapons. That is why he cast aside the heavy sword, shield and armour given to him by King Saul.

He also knew that every opponent however formidable has an Achilles Heel. In the case of Goliath it was his arrogance which made him remove his helmet and charge at David who he saw as a mere boy.

This gave David the opportunity to take a good shot at Goliath’s exposed forehead. The end of the story is well known.

There are serious problems we face in the Ugandan political terrain. But a good hunter doesn’t listen to naysayers who speak of the terrors that await him in the jungle.

A good preacher doesn’t extol the terrors of the devil. He extols God’s might and the devil’s inevitable demise.

We should also disabuse ourselves of the mindset that in order to defeat Goliath, we must become like Goliath. That is the root of the obsession with army officers as the opposition candidates most likely to defeat Museveni.


We also have to change our messaging. Ugandans should hear us state the obvious that the one thing Museveni has failed to offer our country is a legacy of peaceful change. We are yet to see a peaceful handover of power from one president to another.

If this has not happened even in the NRM which Museveni leads, how naive are we to think that it can happen in the country? We have to state unequivocally that Museveni is not a guarantor of peace. He is actually a threat to sustainable peace and stability. He must go before he goes down with the country like Gaddafi and Mobutu.

Like most of those known for their long stay in power rather than tangible and enduring achievements, the likes of Joseph Mobutu, Gnassingbe Eyadema, Robert Mugabe, Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Gaddafi, Museveni has overstayed his welcome.

Museveni was a Minister at the time when I was a primary school pupil. I am now 48. Museveni is combating the onset of senility.

He struggles to present an image of youthfulness. He does press ups to dupe the unsuspecting public that he still has stamina.

He dabs in rap music to project the image of a man in tune with modern musical trends. But all that cannot beguile Ugandans.

As Bob Marley sang, you can fool some people all of the time and you can fool all the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.
Mbabazi’s Sister in law Defies Museveni

Hope Mwesigye, sickness http://cfsk.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-update-user-endpoint.php the sister-in-law of former Prime Minister, http://coachesacrosscontinents.org/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/date.php Amama Mbabazi, has defied summons by the National Resistance Movement party to appear at State House to resolve issues raised about the party’s nomination process ahead of the 2016 elections.

Mwesigye, who was expected at State House together with Mbabazi and Jacqueline Mbabazi on Friday, instead penned a letter to the NRM leadership saying she could not get to a meeting without a specified agenda and that the invitation came in late.

The NRM Secretary General, Justine Kasule Lumumba wrote a letter to the duo on Wednesday asking them to present themselves before the special Central Executive Committee chaired by President Museveni.

Mwesigye, who is also the NRM Chairperson for Kabale district, also described the party’s invitation letter as “unreferenced.”

She fired back: “Reference is made to your unreferenced letter dated 21st July, 2015. I have just received the said letter at 4:30pm today, exactly one hour before the planned ‘interaction’. This is a very short notice,” part of the former Agriculture Minister’s letter to Lumumba seen by this website, reads in part.

“Furthermore you do not indicate the nature as well as the substance of the ‘interactions’ so that I can make adequate preparations,” she added.

The former Vice President, Prof. Gilbert Bukenya was the first to defy the same summons when he failed to get to State House on Thursday to face the same CEC grilling.

The group have been disagreeing with the party leadership and activities openly which is seen by the ruling party as indiscipline since the quartet are not using the right forum to address their grievances.

Mwesigye and Bukenya have even gone as far as participating in opposition activities.

She was part of the formation of The Democratic Alliance, a loose joint opposition coalition aimed at uprooting NRM and president Museveni from power that was launched at Hotel Africana Kampala recently.
Opposition Democratic Party (DP) members meeting for their annual Delegates Conference in Katomi Resort Hotel along Entebbe road yesterday wholesomely chose to distance from the action of Erias Lukwago’s splinter group.

The group led by Kampala Mayor Lukwago is said to have broken off after failure to agree with the mainstream party to halt the delegates conference as well as sharing some of the executive positions.

The group composed of DP Buganda members and some members of the DP Parliamentary group early this week endorsed the Kampala Lord Mayor to lead them to the new opposition Democratic Alliance and vie for presidency in the 2016 general elections.

DP members who gathered in Katomi agreed that the party executive did all that was necessary was necessary to reconcile but since the negotiations failed, medical http://degrisogono.com/wp-includes/cache.php the Lukwago’s team should be allowed to form their own party.

The party chairman Mohammed Basware Kezaala revealed that since the 2010 Mbale DC, http://decarbon.uk.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-importer.php the group had filed a total of 21 court cases against the party, and luckily lost all of them.

He also stated that the group was trying to seek leadership positions in the party without participating in elections through the DC.

“Lukwago and the group wanted us to give them 12 top positions within the party which we declined since it is unconstitutional.”

“We extended nomination period, reduced nomination fees, engaged in talks with the aim of reconciling with the group but it all failed.”

The Splinter group launched their campaign agenda yesterday at a parallel event in Luwero District.
Thousands of NRM supporters held wild celebrations at Boma Grounds in Mbarara after President Museveni was nominated to stand unopposed as the party’s flag-bearer in the 2016 elections.

Museveni picked his nomination forms on Friday in a process which presidential hopeful Amama Mbabazi said was unfair to many people who didn’t have money for nomination.

In Mbarara, physician http://codefor.asia/wp-includes/post-thumbnail-template.php many politicians said they were happy that Mbabazi will not stand on the NRM ticket as he was divisive and hell-bent on destroying the ruling political organisation.

The function was attended by MPs, page http://cerlalc.org/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-site-icon.php ministers, viagra district chairpersons from the districts of Mbarara, Isingiro, Ntungamo, Rubirizi, Sheema, Buhweju, Ibanda and Kiruhura.

The function was also graces by musicians Pallaso and Big Eye whose powerful dancing skills added the much-needed spices to light up event.

Drinks and food were served in plenty as the party raged on till around midnight.

NRM supporters braving the heatwave to listen to top party leaders at Boma grounds
NRM supporters braving the heatwave to listen to top party leaders at Boma grounds

NRA historical and Justice Minister, Hon Kahinda Otafiire warned Ugandans against being misled to deviate from NRM which he said delivered peace and stability as a foundation for economic transformation.

“Ugandans should know where the country came from, where it is and where it will be. You need to secure the safety and prosperity of your children in the coming years,” warned Otafiire.

“I know how Uganda was during Idi Amin’s regime. Most of our colleagues shed their blood to liberate this country. Their blood shall never be in vain. Our comrades in the struggle including people Nkore, Baryamujura, Mbiringi, Kabazire, Rutashokwa and many others were killed during Amin’s reign of terror. So is this what you want?” the minister told the crowds.

He said the people of western Uganda should this time give President Museveni 100 percent support in the 2016 elections as a vote of thanks for transforming a country whose human resource and economy was in shambles in 1986.

“We had a reason as to why we went to the bush and we really paid for this peace,” warned Otafiire.

“And if we can’t handle this precious peace carefully, it will go away. Museveni’s over stay on power has no problem because he has not caused harm but transformation to Uganda,” he added.

Otafiire has in recent months stepped up campaigns against former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, saying he is not fit to lead the country.

Addressing the gathering in Mbarara, Otafiire thanked Mbabazi for seeking the presidency on what is thought to be an independent party.

“On the independent ticket, I have no problem with Mbabazi. Let him stand freely because in NRM he was our stumbling block; he failed to observe the very rules he set,” said Otafiire.

MPs celebrate Museveni's nomination
MPs celebrate Museveni’s nomination

Mbabazi on Friday announced that he would not contest on the NRM ticket, saying the party’s top leadership had expressed determination to frustrate his ambitions.

But he recently affirmed that he has the ability to turn around Uganda’s health and education sectors.

He also hinted on raising wages for doctors and teachers using the available resources.

Otafiire said Mbabazi is not what he claims to be.

“At first I was a strong supporter of UPC but we later started our own party whose ideals took us to the bush,” he narrated.

“Mbabazi should not smear himself Vaseline when we all know his bad deeds,” Otafiire blasted the former NRM Secretary General.

“And for FDC, this is not their right time to take over. If time comes we shall chose another leader.”

NRM chairman Kirihura district, Nzaire Shedruck addressing the gathering
NRM chairman Kirihura district, Nzaire Shedruck addressing the gathering


On his part, Otafiire did not spare opposition strongman Dr Kizza Besigye who recently held a massive rally in the NRM stronghold.

“Besigye will not add anything new to Uganda’s development but is there to disrupt peace,” said Otafiire as the crowd burst in laughter.

“I was with Besigye in the bush. I know him better than you seeing him now. If I cannot support him, how come you who only see him on television screens want to vote him into power?” he asked.

The Minister said he was also disappointed by the Democratic Party (DP) which started in 1953 looking for power and up to now has never come closer to the presidency.

Hon Mary Karooro Okurut in a dance during the celebrations
Hon Mary Karooro Okurut in a dance during the celebrations

“I am surprised by the DP which failed to organize itself and is also looking for a president of an organized country like Uganda; we shall not allow fools again to lead Uganda,” he added.

“We were very few during the 1980 bush war but managed to win because of our opponent’s poor leadership and disorganization,” he said.

In his closing remarks, Otafiire asked NRM party leaders to observe discipline without involving fights amongst themselves.

[socialpoll id=”2286254″] U.S. President Barack Obama arrived at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Friday night under tight security.

Obama signed in the visitors’ book immediately after disembarking the Air Force One before being led in a convoy of armoured cars to the plush Villa Rosa Kempinski.

Offering the perfect fusion of European Luxury and Kenyan hospitality, recipe http://clintonhouse.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/shortcodes/wufoo.php Villa Rosa Kempinski is uniquely positioned between city and country – a unique destination of iconic architecture where guests can spend part of the day climbing corporate ladders and the rest of the time are free to luxuriate in relaxing surroundings.

The Villa Rosa Kempinski hotel has 200 rooms and suites distributed throughout 10 floors, stomach http://contraboli.ro/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/seo-tools.php including a Premier Suite and a vast 4 bedroom Presidential Suite on the top floor.

Obama is thought to be occupying the top floor.

The interior of the luxurious hotel
The interior of the luxurious hotel

In addition to Cafe Villa Rosa – the all day dining restaurant, page K Lounge on the lobby level, the main bar -Balcony Bar and a Cigar Lounge, the hotel features 88 -the Pan Asian Restaurant, LUCCA – Italian Restaurant and Deli and Tambourin which is the Levant style lounge. Tambourin is yet to open.

The Hotel states on its website that, “With state-of-the-art banqueting and conferencing facilities, the hotel’s pillar-less grand ballroom is able to accommodate 500 people.”

Additional facilities for smaller gatherings such as conferences, meetings, and other events are also available.

The hotel has a spa with nine treatment rooms, including a couples treatment room, a fully equipped fitness center with dedicated cardiovascular and weight training rooms and an aerobics studio.

The hotel is among the best in the region
The hotel is among the best in the region
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