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PHOTOS: How Prince Kijanangoma Loyalists Battled Police

The Eastern Youth Member of Parliament, ask Peter Ogwang and the Ajuri County representative, advice Denis Hamson Obua are the new executive leaders of the National Resistance Movement party’s Caucus organ.

Ogwang and Obua were elected by the NRM Caucus members (of Parliament) on Thursday as the deputy chair and head of publicity respectively at the Office of the Prime Minister’s Conference Hall.

Ogwang, health who emerged the winner in the hotly contested election, replaced David Bahati who was recently appointed the State Minister for Finance in charge of Planning – automatically detaching him from the Caucus position that he had held since 8th Parliament.

The final result announced by the NRM electoral commission chairman, Tanga Odoi who steered the exercise, gave Ogwang 49 votes which is 32 percent of 152 votes cast and also declaring him the winner.

He floored the former State Minister for Health, James Kakooza who scored 45 votes equivalent of 30 percent of the total vote cast.

Others who trailed behind them were the Samia Bugwe North County MP, John Mulimba John who got 33 votes (21 percent), Kigulu South County MP, Milton Muwuma who scored 19 votes (13 percent) and Kween county MP, Abdi Chemaswet who managed 4 votes (3 percent).

Meanwhile, the landslide victory was in publicity contest where the winner Obua scored 86 votes which is the equivalent of 58 percent of the total 149 vote cast.

He defeated the Bundibugyo woman MP, Harriet Ntabazi who got 44 votes, Bunya East County MP, Wayira Majegere – 13 votes and Otuke Woman MP, Annet Okwenye who did not get a single vote.


The winners, Obua and Ogwang promised to take the NRM Caucus to another level.

“I have been an active member of the Caucus and I know the struggle that has resulted to some good result,” said Ogwang after being declared winner of the tight victory.

On his part, Obua observed:  “The caucus is entering an interesting phase of making historic decisions and I am always going to package them in the most appropriate way for public consumption.”
It was a scene of drama in Fort Portal town on Thursday evening as loyalists of Prince David Kijanangoma Araali battled with the Anti-Riot Police and overpowered them.

It all started when thousands of prince Kijanangoma’s supporters in a convoy of vehicles entered Fort Portal city at around 6:50pm in a heroic welcome.

The prince was returning from Kampala where he mobilised the elite Batooro to help him oust his cousin, sildenafil King Oyo.

The youth marched from Kaswa trading center – about 4 miles to Fort Portal, price causing traffic jam and bringing business to a standstill.

In a peaceful procession, and the crowds of people marched through the streets of Fort Portal towards Rwengoma palace chanting ‘Hangiriza Agutamba Hangiriza Agutamba.

What started as peaceful, later turned chaotic and bloody when the Anti-Riot police intercepted Prince Kijanagoma’s supporters in Kisenyi near Tin Petrol Station – just about 150mters to his Rwengoma place.

In an attempt to block the crowd from reaching Rwengoma palace, police sparked off a battle with the youth who pelted stones at them.

The police led by the District Police Commander Geoffrey Kahebwa battled the crowds with cops firing bullets in the air.

Teargas canisters were rolled out but the people’s resistance was mightier than security forces.

In the scuffle, the police patrol car overturned, giving space to the prince’s loyalists to continue their journey to the palace.

Prince David Kijanangoma waving at his supporters in Fort Portal Town on Thursday
Prince David Kijanangoma waving at his supporters in Fort Portal Town on Thursday

After accessing the palace, the huge crowd condemned the police for perpetrating violence and vowed to teach a lesson to the DPC whom they accused of being influenced by Queen mother Best Kemigisa to wreak havoc in Tooro.

The people said, “Police and government shall not decide for us the Batooro which king to pay allegiance to. The powers belong to the people. We shall remain at the palace drumming and hooping traditional instruments till Good Friday”.

Prince Kijanangoma strongly condemned the police brutality and vowed that the struggle continues till Tooro experiences development and regains its glory.

“My supporters are peaceful and agenda oriented but to our disappointment police has turned violent to disrupt our people. We shall not tolerate the police brutality, intimidation and if it means death, we shall die for our Kingdom”.

He added: “Unless DPC Kahebwa styles up and behaves like a professional police officer, he will soon be forced to leave this region”.

Addressing his supporters, Kijanangoma stressed that it is high time King Oyo was disposed off over his failure to propel the kingdom to a proper direction which he said has stagnated development.

The huge crowds welcoming the prince from Kampala
The huge crowds welcoming the prince from Kampala

He said he would remain focused and fight to develop and put Tooro Kingdom on the map and ensure the palace is brought to normal.

Prince Kijanangoma said being the youngest king in the world; King Oyo would have used all the global opportunities to propel the kingdom to a higher level.

Kijanangoma recently announced that he would overthrow King Oyo for his failure to manage and develop the kingdom.

He also accused him of failing to stop his mother best Kemigisa from interfering in the administration of palace affairs.

His announcement has left the people of Tooro divided with a big section paying allegiance to prince Kijanangoma.

Bakari Muga Bashir, the Rwenzori Police spokesperson, said police acted swiftly because they were not informed about the procession of Kijanangoma.

He said that “if any person wants to hold any procession, he or she should notify police to provide them with security.”

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