PHOTOS: Hot Campus Babes Embrace Club Dome Xplosion, Turn Up in Massive Numbers

Last Friday evening, November 9 2018 is a night to mark in the history of one of the coolest parties in town as campusers were taken to heaven on earth.

It is only once in a great while that the circumstances of the evening converge to make for a special, historical moment-one that everyone there will remember, and countless others will claim to have witnessed firsthand.

This was one of the many babes that rocked the party

There have been concerts where fires were set, where riots have been stopped, and where careers have imploded. But most of all, there have been incredible performances and feats of creativity and musicianship.

Well, Club dome, that happens every year is another party considered to be one of the most ‘lit’ events in town.

Babes having fun at Club Dome party

It was a fascinating experience as not only students, but partiers from all walks of life embraced the Dome Glow up/Refresh your beat party at the MTN Ware House on Friday evening.

Notable among the partiers at the party were the hot campus babes of all colours, heights, sizes and shapes that became the highlight of the evening, plus of course the performances from artistes.

Babes taking a selfie at the Club Dome party

Partiers were offered a night of relentless laughter, games, music featuring performances from Vinka, Fik Fameica, Mc Hyper man, DJs Xzyl, Dash and Mr. Silverback.

After performances by Vinka and Fik Fameica, the DJs took over once again and excited the campus students with their mixes until about 2am when the event climaxed.

One of the babes enjoying herself at the do

It was quite evident that the students were not willing to leave the venue where Club Dome was hosted.

“This is not fair, why can’t we be allowed to party till dawn? We are in 100% mood of partying. We are going nowhere” one of the partiers was overheard saying after the MC announced that the party had come to an end.

Some of the partiers posing for a photo moment
These lonely babes resorted to beer and phones for consolation
She clearly loves her drinks
One of the babes posing for a picture
Hot babes were the majority at the party
Everyone was on their feet dancing at the party
Vinka entertaining partiers at Club Dome party
A campus babe enjoying Club beer at the party
Fik Fameica performing
A hot babe sandwiched by three dudes
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