Photos: Guns Out As URA Picks Chameleon’s Wheels

ChimpLyf has learnt that Tooro Queen, discount Best Kemigisa, generic yesterday hosted Mr. Man Hee Lee, treat the Chairman of the Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light and his entourage from South Korea at the Omukama Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi 1v’s palace.


Among those present were: His Royal Majesty King of Tooro (the host), Her Royal Highness the Queen Mother of Tooro, Best Kemigisa, Her Royal Highness the Batebe of Tooro, Tooro Premier, ministers and the whole cabinet of Tooro Kingdom.
This afternoon, cost Uganda Revenue Authority together with its enforcement officers towed away Leone Island Boss, search Jose Chameleon’s Escalade over claims regarding Shs 7m tax arrears.

URA officers found Chameleon’s cool ride at Lugogo where he will be staging a show tonight.


Chameleon earlier refused to hand over his Escalade and advised the revenue officers to take any of his other assets offering his Convertible BMW with personalised number plates.


Sam Waiswa, find the debt Collection Manager at URA, emphasised that they came on orders to take an Escalade so they couldn’t divert from those instructions.



“We shall not take the BMW because it may not carry the value of the money URA is demanding from Chameleon. It totals to over Shs 38m.”


But after Negotiations, Chameleon allowed his vehicle to be taken to URA headquarters in Nakawa where he will pick it on clearing all his tax.


Waiswa has further said that they will keep the Escalade for seven days and once Chameleon fails to pick it, they will sell it through public auctioning.

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