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PHOTOS: Grief at Murdered Unilever Boss’ Memorial Service

The people’s resistance against Burkina Faso President Blaise Compaore’s plans to amend the Constitution to extend his 27-year-rule has stiffened with protesters burning down Parliament and the ruling party’s headquarters, price Chimp Corps report.

Peaceful protesters this week marched on the streets of the capital, treat Ouagadougou, calling upon Blaise to step down.

However, the protests would later take a violent twist, with rock-hurling crowds engaging security forces in street battles.

Scores were arrested in the fracas.

Observers say the riots have since threatened Blaise’s hold onto power.

Violent revolutions have since toppled long-serving rulers in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.

The BBC day reported that earlier, the military reportedly fired at protesters who stormed parliament.

Parliament was due to consider changing the constitution so that Mr Compaore can run for office again next year.


He first took power in a coup in 1987, and has won four disputed elections since then.

The opposition has called for a campaign of civil disobedience to demand that he steps down in next year’s elections.

State television has gone off air after protesters stormed the building housing it and ransacked it, Reuters news agency quotes a witness as saying.

Car were also set ablaze near parliament

According to BBC, Men shout slogans in front of burning cars, near the Burkina Faso’s parliament – 30 October 2014, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Smoke could be seen billowing from parliament.

But about 1,500 people managed to breach the security cordon and were ransacking parliament, AFP news agency reports.

Protesters were setting fire to documents and stealing computer equipment; cars outside the building are also on fire, it reports.
Well, troche you might remember her as the beautiful girl that used to take you through Kampala’s night life and present NTV’s Login Program but Susan Nava, prostate has proved repeatedly that she is more than a pretty face. Nava at just 26 is an actress, poet, student and businesswoman to mention but a few. Nava spoke to ChimpCorp, Monica Nabaasa and opened up about her childhood, life on TV, dating, education and her acting career.


ChimpLyf: Who is Susan Nava? (Personality)

Susan: I like to think of myself as well-informed. And kind.

ChimpLyf: Tell us about your background (parents, childhood homes, schools, what you have studied).

Susan: My parents are two great human beings who met many years ago right here in Uganda. I was born in Stockholm, Sweden on July 17th 1988 and spent the most part of my life there. In 1998, I visited Uganda and studied here for my primary 5, at Arya Primary school, but it was only for a year, then I returned to Sweden where I was and still am studying.

ChimpLyf: Tell us about life on TV.  How has it affected you?

Susan: In 2007, while I was in Uganda for a holiday, I was offered a job on East African Television. I ended up presenting my first TV show, ‘Kla Wired.’
Actually, the first interviews that I ever conducted were with Forest Whitaker (Academy Award Winner) and Kerry Washington (Olivia Pope in Scandal) – they were in Uganda for the Idi Amin movie, Last King of Scotland. I remember it like it was yesterday and these are some of the interviews that have affected me in a significant way. I rarely watch TV so, any effect that it has had on me has been while I was working.

ChimpLyf: Which reasons were behind you leaving TV presenting? Do you plan to ever go back?

Susan: You know, I’m not a big fan of the word ‘Never’, but I’m yet to see anything else that I want to present. My last project, ‘Login’ was fun for 2 years! Between the ages of 21 and 23, but the older I got, the less interested I was in the nightlife and social scene.

ChimpLyf: What are you up to now? Any businesses, new projects?

Susan: I have a few things going on. As far as projects go, there are a couple of exciting ones. I’m working with the Angella Katatumba Development Foundation on a campaign for the National Hospital named, ‘Mulago Yaffe’.

I have a mentorship program titled ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ for schools, due to start 2015 and our first school is St. Juliana High School.

And last but absolutely not least, I have an acting role in new TV series, ‘Beneath The Lies’ due to air online and on stations across Africa. (In Uganda, it will be on Urban TV).

ChimpLyf: Tell us about this new series ‘Beneath the Lies’. What should we expect?

Susan: Beneath The Lies is a great 12 part series that will set a new standard for East African TV production. You should expect to see a collection of gifted individuals who are looking to shed light on the plight of the less fortunate in our society. Everything from child trafficking to prostitution to domestic violence and drug abuse is woven together in a brilliant story.

ChimpLyf: How does it feel to work with all those beautiful and talented people on the series?

Susan: I’d say I feel inspired and motivated by the BTL team. This is a collection of people who have all reached various mountaintops of success and yet they are all humble on set. So far, we are all willing to learn from each other.

ChimpLyf: Being this young and hardworking lady that you are, how do you juggle all the things you do? (Poetry, business, acting). It can be overwhelming.

Susan: Well, a friend of mine pointed out to me the other day that the beauty of time is that everything doesn’t happen at the same time. I manage my time pretty well and live up to the various titles on different occasions.

ChimpLyf: Are you seeing anyone at the moment? If yes, who is he, what does he do and for how long have you been with him?

Susan: Whilst I have made a conscious decision not to discuss my private life, I will say that I am happy. Without a doubt. And that’s all.

ChimpLyf: Who is your ideal man?

Susan: Honestly, I don’t spend time thinking about a hypothetical future man. God’s will has priority over mine.

ChimpLyf: What is your take on love and marriage?

Susan: It’s a beautiful thing.

ChimpLyf: Local tabloids have written things about you that may not be true, how do you handle all that?

Susan: I’ve worked in the media long enough to learn how to handle it. It’s a matter of knowing the truth and making sure that the people who matter to me know the truth.

ChimpLyf: Being beautiful and in the limelight; I am sure several guys hit on you, how do you handle the attention?

Susan: You’re far too kind, Mona. The world is full of beautiful women, I don’t think being hit on is a major problem.

ChimpLyf: Do you have plans of ever singing again, like professionally?

Susan: Haha, no. That was merely a hobby, once upon a time.

ChimpLyf: What are your last words to your fans? What should they expect from Susan Nava?

Susan: I appreciate all and any support over the years for all the projects I’ve worked on. So my last words would be thank you.
And what people should expect? For God’s will to be done.

Nava at a recent event
Nava at a recent event

Savings and Credit Corporative Organizations (SACCOs) in Kabarole District are at the verge of collapse, cost the monitoring and supervisory team has said.

Joseph Mashuhuko, drug the Chairman of the District Production and Natural Resources Committee says the future of SACCOs in the district lies in balance after most of the members’ savings have been swindled by the SACCOs’ leadership.

He mentions some of the affected SACCOs as Nyabukara SACCO in Fort Portal West division where shs 116m has been reported missing, Rwimi Town Council SACCO, Mugusu SACCO, Nyekundire SACCO, among others where over shs50m in each was also reportedly embezzled by the leadership.

Mashuhuko says during the monitoring and supervision of the SACCOs in the district, it was discovered that the board members connive with SACCO managers and loans officers to steal members’ savings.

He notes that even the mandatory efforts by the district Commercial Officer to ensure that the Organizations are audited are inadequate.

Mashuhuko, now suggests that the RDC takes a lead in investigating the SACCOs and apprehending the culprits since government also injects in them lots of money.

John Kyaligonza, also a member of the District Production and Natural Resources Committee attributes the problem to members not having the necessary knowledge in microfinance management saying that some members surrender their money on the roadsides without evidence which has also led them to being cheated.

He also says politicians have used their titles to get the lion’s share in credit and have several times failed to pay back when their debts accumulate.

Kabarole District RDC, Stephen Asiimwe has asked the Micro Finance Support Center to avail his office with the list of SACCOs that have fallen victim of the fraudulent dealings for deeper investigation.

He says he has ordered police to investigate the executive of Nyabukara SACCO because they had failed to explain and account for the shs116m when he summoned them in his office on Tuesday in a meeting that was also attended by police.

The RDC further noted that swindling of SACCO funds by the executive is on the rise in the district.

The chairman of Nyabukara SACCO, Tom Rubale however says the money disappeared in the hands of the treasurer and cashier.

RDC Steven Asiimwe
RDC Steven AsiimweFort
Dozens of mourners have Thursday morning gathered at the All Saints’ Church in Kampala to pay last respect to Shadrack Makanga, cialis 40mg the Unilever Uganda area manager for Iganga, this Busia, health Tororo and Bugiri, who was brutally murdered early this week.

In their speeches, the mourners have described Makanga, 35, as a friendly, humble, passionate about his work and easily mingled with people of any status.

“He was an icon of humility, respect, love and simplicity. He always took the initiative to find out how his friends were every time,” Sam Kiyaga, a friend, narrated.

“He worked with zeal, resilience and was a team player who amidst all challenges managed to be calm and jovial,” added Kiyaga at the sombre ceremony.

Relatives and friends broke now as speaker after speaker praised Makanga’s amiable character traits.

According to one of the in-laws, Makanga, was a God-fearing man who loved all his family members as he always endeavoured to see that they lived happily.

“He was very hard working man and always gave his all in whatever he did. In fact he always urged us to leave a legacy in all we did so as to always be remembered,” noted one of deceased’s elder sisters Esther Makanga.

The casket containing Makanga's body being carried to All Saints' Church
The casket containing Makanga’s body being carried to All Saints’ Church

“In one word, it was a ‘wow experience’ living with him and to him we were all destined for success. However, it’s such a time that he has gone when we wanted him most.”

One of the deceased’s uncles identified as John Sigombe noted that Makanga commanded respect from all people due to his humility.

“I know God has taken him to a nice and safer place but thanks for his works on earth and indeed he is worth emulating,” Sigombe noted.

Family describes his death

According to Sam Makanga, a brother to the deceased, as was the norm that Shadrack Makanga talked to all his family members every day on phone, the same happened when he communicated to the deceased on Friday.

“He told me he would be leaving Tororo for Kampala in the evening and had promised to call me on reaching Kampala,” the brother explained.

“On Saturday morning, I called but all his phones were off. I tried again in the afternoon but they were again not going through.”

Makanga was praised a hardworking and social man during his life
Makanga was praised a hardworking and social man during his life

Sam explained that he thought his younger brother was fatigued by the long journey to Kampala and was resting while his phones were switched off.

However other family members had also started worrying about Makanga’s whereabouts.

“However, on Monday morning we got a call from his landlord that the deceased’s car was cited in Kiryandongo where it overturned but that he was nowhere to be seen,” said Sam.

“Police checked the car before discovering the number plates were taken by the assailants,” Sam explained.

According to the elder brother, in the car, was only a water bill from which they copied the phone number of the landlord and checked the car’s registration number from the windscreens.

That’s how the police managed to get in touch with Makanga’s landlord in Kampala.

The children of the deceased lay a wreath on the casket containing their dad's remains
The children of the deceased lay a wreath on the casket containing their dad’s remains

Search Intensifies

According to the deceased’s elder brother, as the search for Makanga intensified, family members were hopeful that he would soon be found.

“Meanwhile as the search proved fruitless, we widened it to Mulago hospital where we went to all wards hoping to find him admitted. This also proved futile and we now zeroed to the mortuary as our last resort. In the mortuary, we asked them to let us check all bodies in search for a relative who could have been brought by unknown people,” said Sam.

“All bodies were brought but towards the end we identified the body of our beloved brother. We requested to know where the body was found and on checking the records, it was indicated that it was brought by Mukono police,” he recounted.

The deceased's elder sister Esther Makanga (L) is being comforted by a mourner during the church service
The deceased’s elder sister Esther Makanga (L) is being comforted by a mourner during the church service

“We called Mukono DPC who told us the body was found by residents near Namawojjolo along Kampala Jinja highway. According to the DPC, the body that had no identification document was found with the legs and hands tied together and dumped in a swamp a few meters from the main road.”

According to Sam, the deceased’s identification documents were later recovered by Nateete police station from Busega, a Kampala suburb, where they were dropped by the assailants.

Mourners demand investigation

Mourners on Thursday praised Makanga's humility
Mourners on Thursday praised Makanga’s humility

Mourners led by Samia Bugwe North Member of Parliament John Mulimba urged police to speed up investigations into the death of Makanga and provide a report into the incident with the view of arresting and persecuting suspects.

“I condemn the brutal manner in which our brother was murdered. We are tired of Ugandans dying like that especially in cold blood and no report is given accounting for their deaths,” Mulimba warned.

“It has become a culture that Ugandans die and perpetuators get away with it. Police should ensure safety for everyone in the country and in this case the culprits must be brought to book and face the wrath of the law.”

Makanga's parents bid farewell to their departed son
Makanga’s parents bid farewell to their departed son

Who is Makanga?

Born in 1979, Shadrack Makanga was the last born to Martin and Jesca Makanga.

He attended Makunda primary school before joining Jinja College and Busoga College for his O and A levels.

In 2003, he graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Makerere University.

He worked for Nile, Barclays and Orient banks before being appointed the Regional Territorial Manager for Unilever Uganda in the areas of Iganga, Bugiri, Tororo and Busia in 2003.

Makanga and Irene Makanga are blessed with two daughters – Shane Tendo and Ivory Mukisa aged 4 and 2 years respectively.

Makanga will be laid to rest on Saturday November,1, 2014 at Butaco village in Masaba sub-county, Busia district.

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