PHOTOS: Gen Sejusa Residence Not Under Military Siege

A swift visit to the residence of embattled former Coordinator of Intelligence Organs, buy more about Gen David Sejusa, capsule shows no military deployment as earlier alleged.

The storied residence in the leafy suburb of Naguru, Kampala, remains calm.

The media earlier today reported that military police had cordoned off Sejusa’s home.

Sejusa was previously arrested for charges related to indiscipline before being temporarily detained at Luzira Prison.

The road leading to Sejusa's home
The road leading to Sejusa’s home

A controversial military officer, Gen Sejusa remains defiant on his campaign to remove President Museveni from power.

ChimpReports sought a comment from one of Sejusa’s house helpers on today’s media reports.

The man, who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely, answered: “I have been cleaning this compound since morning; I have not seen any military personnel here.”

He did not confirm or deny whether Sejusa was at his residence today.

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