PHOTOS: FDC’s Amuriat Woos Teso Amid Clashes with Police

The National Field Coordinator of Forum for Democratic Change’s (FDC) Presidential campaign team, Roland Kaginda Mugume, has blasted security agencies for attempting to thwart their mobilization efforts ahead of the January 14, 2020 General Election.

His remarks come on the backdrop of Police’s move to block the Party’s Presidential candidate Patrick Amuriat Oboi from hosting the latter’s homecoming function at Soroti Sports Ground on Monday despite possessing police clearance.

“They are scaring our people. And as my President said, since 2001 we have been going through such situations,” Kaginda observed.

Police yesterday fired tear gas to disperse Amuriat’s supporters in Ngora Township as he traveled to Kumi.

Amuriat’s addressing crowds along the streets

The fans, who had gathered by the roadside, forced the FDC President to address them and then tried to move with him in a procession past 7:00 PM only to be dispersed by police.

Law enforcement officials say processions remain prohibited to prevent further spread of Coronavirus.

Electoral Commission (EC) Spokesperson Paul Bukenya on Tuesday vowed to arraign those found breaking campaign rules especially holding processions which he said could put thousands of people at the risk of contracting Coronavirus.

“I think we need to address that because basically we don’t have that provision in our campaign guidelines given the Covid-19 environment. What we have seen is the effort by candidates to go to designated venues. But in the process there has come up issues like processions,” Bukenya noted.

Amuriat’s supporters lined the roads to show their support for the FDC presidential candidate

Amuriat yesterday held campaign meetings in Soroti District and Serere Districts.

During a commemoration service for deceased Soroti County Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Omolo which was held at Agora Catholic Church, he implored Party adherents fight for a better country.

“Peter should be a challenge to other leaders in FDC…..Because of what people stood for, we must not give up in this struggle,” Amuriat urged.

Omolo, who passed away on June 26, 2017 was among the most vocal MPs in the eighth Parliament and one of the founding members of the FDC.

Amuriat is expected to transverse four other districts on Wednesday, namely; Kumi, Katakwi, Amuriat and Kapelebyong, according to the Party’s schedule.

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