Photos: FDC Computers ‘Stolen’ After Break-in, Guard Arrested

Uganda’s largest opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) together with authorities are investigating circumstances under which their Najjanankumbi headquarters were broken into by unknown people last night.

According to Toterebuka Bamwenda the party’s deputy Electoral Commission (EC) chief, this incident was noticed by staff arriving this morning for work.

Bamwenda says upon searching the premises, they found that the door to the Secretary General’s (SGs) office had been broken, while a number of computers were missing.

“In there, four sets of computers were found missing and it is very unfortunate. But other information and material reserved in our store is available,” he said.

Three CPUs were found dumped in the backyard

Three CPUs and a monitor were later recovered in the backyard but by publication of this story, it was not yet established if the memory discs are intact.

Pauline Namyalo the FDC Chief Administrative Officer said they couldn’t conclusively point out whether or not the break in was politically motivated, adding that they would have to await police investigations.

It should be noted that FDC and its People’s Government are mobilizing for two million signatures to have President Yoweri Museveni dragged to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

As of now, Ojuka Danson the security guard who was guarding the place at the time it was robbed is in police custody.


“Ojuka Danson. He has already made a statement and we are also waiting for the report from Police then we compare the two. The Top management will have discussions and find a way forward,” Namyalo said.



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