PHOTOS: Exodus at Crossroads on New Looks

Back in the day, web http://centerforblackbelt.org/wp-admin/includes/plugin.php Mr Mosh was a big name in the entertainment industry.

He used to earn quite handsomely from emceeing at exclusive social events and working out collabo with music stars.

Many knew Mosh as a top rapper.

In some of the famous Obsessions’ hits, website like this http://civicgentledentalcare.com.au/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/contact-form.php Mr Mosh’s rap did the magic to keep music lovers on the dance floor.

However, of late, Mosh seems to have lost ground.

Corps say it’s not that Mosh is no longer skilled but the emergence of a new generation of record-breaking musicians and extraordinarily talented emcees has made it difficult for him to keep on top.

Just recently, Mosh attempted to battle comedian Salvador Idringi at the Muchomo festival held at National Theatre in Kampala but could not match the comedy star’s astonishing skills.

However, Mosh maintains a sizeable number of fans at Galaxy FM where he works as a presenter.
Gospel singer George Lubega Timothy alias ‘Exodus’ may have sought a new facial look but remains determined to keep his trademark beard.


We recently reported that Exodus, website http://clbattery.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/related-posts.php 31, cialis 40mg had cut off his treasured dreads in what appeared a bigger strategy of cutting a new look for his fans.

“I spent three years with my dreadlocks. But I chose to have a new look, click ” said Exodus.

Being a gospel singer, Exodus appeals to fans of Christian faith.

Exodus before getting rid of dreadlocks  (Photos: Pat Larubi/ChimpLyf)
Exodus before getting rid of dreadlocks (Photos: Pat Larubi/ChimpLyf)

Corps say he may get rid of dreadlocks but his beard will be spared, making a planned comprehensive change in appearance incomplete.

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