PHOTOS: Excitement as Boom Boom Headphones are Launched in Uganda

The Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS) needs Shs  9.2 Billion to address the challenges faced by over 8000 households in 12 districts around the country, buy information pills whose livelihood has been affected by the El Nino rains officials have said.

According to Stephen Tashobya, buy the board treasurer for Uganda Red Cross, over 48,000 people from the Teso, Elgon and Rwenzori ranges are victims and in urgent need of basic human needs.

“The funds from the appeal will facilitate the timely provision: safe water supply, shelter construction, improved sanitation, disease prevention, procurement and distribution of relief items and psychosocial support to the affected persons,” Tashobya told this website.

Early action

Last month according to Tashobya, they launched an early action & risk management intervention operation with focus on delivering disaster preparedness interventions to communities before disaster strikes.

“The operation  termed as ‘forecast-based financing’ is a shift from the use of post-intervention, where humanitarian organizations have to wait for reports of damages in order to be able to mobilize funding and material resources to respond to a disaster, to using early warning systems to prevent large scale damage,” he said.

According to the Red Cross official, in November after receiving reports on the rising water levels of River Humya, in Bundibugyo District, as part of the early-action intervention program, they conducted a quick assessment and distributed items like plastic bags, jerry cans, tarpaulins, digging tools and sensitization material to educate the communities about the floods.

“These items equipped the community to better prepare for the impending danger which greatly reduced the impact of the floods that happened 10 days later.”


Bundibugyo, Ntoroko Districts Most Affected

In Bundibugyo and neighboring Ntoroko 1,500 households have been affected by the overflowing of rivers Humya and Semiliki in late November and the landslides early this month and the need for intervention.

Tashobya said the damage caused by the floods is enormous with long-lasting effects. An estimated Shs 167,000 he said is needed to sustain each flood victim for a period of 30 days.

“Over 9,000 people have been left homeless or had their property destroyed but are now housed in temporary shelters or churches as they wait for the water levels to subside. Over UGX 700 million is needed to build temporary shelters and distribute Non Food Items (NFIs),”Tashobya said.

He said there is  risk of  spread of diseases like cholera and typhoid  after  the  pit latrines in the areas  affected being washed away  by the  heavy floods plus malaria caused by water logging.

“We need to scale up the scope and impact of our interventions to communities that have been left vulnerable as a result of these floods,” the Uganda Red Cross treasurer noted.

The prestigious Boom Boom Headphones were officially launched in Uganda on Friday, viagra dosage December 11th at Boom Boom’s flagship store at Crown House plot 4 A/B Kampala Road.

The headphones, website like this which are reengineered using revolutionary Inverse Wave Stability HD Control Engine (IWSC), were unveiled at the launch and are now available for sale in 3 models, Soltune (79,900 UGX), Tunefella (499,000 UGX) and Studio XT (149,900 UGX). [READ MORE]

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