Photos: Ex Minister Akaki Kicks Off Campaigns for Apac Municipality

Campaigns kicked off in high gear for former State Minister for Wildlife, Tourism and Antiquities, Jovino Akaki Ayumu on Wednesday, who is seeking to represent the newly created Apac Municipality in Parliament.

Akaki was recently handed the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) flag, after flooring Patrick Okello Chono in the primaries, 3,036 to 1827 votes.

Unlike the primaries, the main race for the parliamentary seat is much more crowded, with a total of seven contenders, among them Bishop Start Engena Maitum.

Kicking off his campaigns, Akiki led a strong procession through the streets of Apac Municipality, which was complete with a matching brass band and scores of energetic supporters.

Jovino Akaki’s supporters processioning through Apac

The main rally was held at the Mayor’s Gardens, and was graced by a number of NRM top shots including the party’s Vice Chairperson for the region and junior Housing Minister Sam Engola, as well as MPs Tony Ayo of Kwania and Betty Engola, the district woman MP.

During the rally, Minister Sam Engola promised to bring former FDC strongwoman Betty Amongi to campaign for Akaki.


When contacted, Amongi said she had not yet been approached by the campaign team, having just returned from abroad.

Engola also revealed that President Yoweri Museveni as usual will be reinforcing the campaign for the former minister.

Hon Tony Ayo appealed to the locals to vote for Akaki who he described as “experienced, calm, sober and pro-development NRM leader.”

Jovino Akaki Ayumu and his wife at the Mayor’s Gardens

Also at the rally, a number of people were seen renouncing opposition parties to join the NRM.

Akaki is seeking to return to parliament, having represented Maruzi County from 1996 to 2006.

Besides Bishop Engena, some of the other candidates in the race include Patrick Ochan, who is carrying the UPC flag, independent candidates Rev John Robert Atim Etime, Jacob Otim, and former Apac district woman Mp Lucy Ajok.Talip Okabo

The elections as is the case in the rest of the new municipalities elsewhere, is slated for June 28th, 2018

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