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Photos: Drama as Pakistanis are Acquitted of Sexual Abuse

Tensions yesterday engulfed Igara Tea factory in Bushenyi District during a meeting in which a section of farmers affiliated to the factory demanded that the Board of Directors steps aside as a recent audit report that exposed a shs 36 billion scandal is investigated.

The audit report produced by Ernest and Young that was presented during the Annual General Meeting at the factory headquarters in Kyamuhunga Sub County revealed that over shs 26 billion had been found to be missing in the factory from 2006 to 2012 alone.

It also found out that the factory had debts of over shs 10 billion from different banks that were supposed to be paid up immediately.

On learning this, pilule for sale the farmers selected a committee to investigate the findings of the report. They also resolved that the board members step aside as the findings of the report were being investigated.

The Minister for General Duties in the Office of the Prime Minister, physician look Prof Tarsis Kabwegyere who was also present at the meeting said that the selected committee could not properly investigate the report if the board of directors remained active.

However the Chairperson of the Board of Directors, buy more about Eng. Jerom Rwakasanga said that the board stepping aside would make the factory to lose direction.

After sharp disagreements, the angry farmers stormed out of the meeting.

Last month, a similar meeting ended dramatically when the farmers failed to agree with the factory leaders who had refused to produce the audit report.
Drama ensued at Buganda Road Court premises on Monday morning after Chief Magistrate Lilian Buchana set free two Pakistanis accused of domestic violence and sodomizing their maid Zainabu Mbabazi.


Ahmeed Shahbz and Muhammad Wagaf were early this year charged with gang rape of Mbabazi who served as their maid but in April the Director of Public Prosecution dropped the charges replacing them with domestic violence and having canal knowledge against order of nature before being granted bail.

In her judgment, viagra 60mg Buchana said that evidence produced failed to prove that there was any act of sodomy against the maid, this stressing that reports by doctors indicated that the anus and rectus muscles functioned normally centrally to what Mbabazi had earlier told court.

According to the Buganda Road Court Chief Magistrate, this in her evidence, the 23-year old maid said she had been to different clinics in Ntinda and Mulago Referral hospital where she had been admitted for more than a month but their reports were not tendered in court.

“This raised questions to court. I also wondered why doctors in Mulago who treated Mbabazi for over a month failed to come to court and testify. In fact this clearly shows there was uncorroborating evidence from the victim,” Buchana noted.

In her testimony, Mbabazi told court she lived in a fence which had more than 10 houses which were near to each other and if anything happened, the neighbours were in position to clearly hear.

To this, the Chief Magistrate further indicated that the story of sexual harassment and domestic violence was concocted by Mbabazi for reasons best known to her.

The Pakistani suspects were acquitted of sexual abuse cases
The Pakistani suspects were acquitted of sexual abuse cases

“If all housing units were not occupied, it could be easy to abuse Mbabazi for even more than a month but that was not the case here. In fact she was both a girlfriend and maid at the accused’s home .”

Buchana further wondered how and why the victim had not told court about the abortion she had carried out and waited until cross examination when it was revealed by the defence lawyer.

“It was as if the role of the state prosecutor had changed from the normal routine,” the Chief Magistrate noted.

According to Buchana, there was no evidence to indicate that there was any act of domestic violence stressing that the accused and the victim were not living as a couple in the same residence  neither was there any  other recognized relationship and noted that the accused were only neighbours to where Mbabazi lived.

Mbabazi said the ruling was unfair
Mbabazi said the ruling was unfair

“I am aware of the public sentiments in this case but it’s not relevant here and the accused are acquitted of domestic violence .They are now free,” she noted.

However, drama ensued at court premises as Mbabazi, who was not satisfied with the judgment, ran berserk, fighting whoever was at court as she wept.

The 23-year-old also run out of the premises only to be arrested and brought back before being forced into the car that drove off quickly to an unknown destination.

Court officials struggle to bring Mbabazi to order
Court officials struggle to bring Mbabazi to order
Mbabazi caused a scene at Buganda Rroad court on Monday
Mbabazi caused a scene at Buganda Road court on Monday
Mbabazi claims she was sexually abused by her Pakistani employers
Mbabazi claims she was sexually abused by her Pakistani employers
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