PHOTOS: Dr Stella Nyanzi Hurt as Lover is Identified

Controversial activist, Dr Stella Nyanzi, has expressed concern after her lover was identified on social media.

Nyanzi, a medical anthropologist, feminist, queer rights activist, and scholar of sexuality, family planning, and public health, has previously written about her great lover whose identity remained secret until this Thursday.

The young man has been identified as David Musiri, a People Power activist.

“When I freely expressed myself about unity of all the opposition in Uganda, I was insulted, threatened, ridiculed and condemned by members of my political party – the FDC. Rather than debate the issues I raised, they attacked my person, my morals, my sanity and my loyalty to the FDC party,” said Nyanzi.

“They mocked my lover and shamed my minor children in retaliation to me freely expressing my mind,” she added.

Musiri is a strong People Power supporter

Her fans shared a photo of Musiri on Nyanzi’s Facebook page after he was identified.

Nyanzi responded: “… clearly many people in the FDC are jealous that my lover is younger than I am. And oh, the sex is amazing…”

The 45-year-old don was ridiculed for dating a young man with some saying he was fit to be her grandson.

However, Nyanzi’s fans said she had a right to choose a lover of her choice.

ChimpReports has seen pictures of Musiri and Nyanzi in political activities.

Nyanzi, who was arrested in 2017 for insulting the Ugandan president, recently attacked FDC for attempting to censor her freedom of expression and not doing enough to oust President Museveni.

Musiri (L) and a friend help Nyanzi (C) during a political activity last year

“It is very disappointing that there are opposition members who are not aiming at overthrowing dictator Museveni. They are not willing to put in the work required to overhaul the status quo and reclaim power from the NRM. They do not see that the opposition should grab power from the dictatorship,” said Nyanzi.

This statement sparked a social media firestorm with FDC supporters accusing her of trying to cross to the ruling party.

She had earlier urged opposition leader, Dr Kizza Besigye to join forces with Bobi Wine to challenge President Museveni in the 2021 polls.

“These career oppositionists are a shame. These opposition careerists are wolves in sheep skin. Many of them have destroyed the dreams and aspirations of individuals interested in reclaiming power from the dictator. We must beware of these pretenders who think they arrived when they got positions in the opposition…” charged Nyanzi.

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