PHOTOS: Desire, Tycoon Lwasa Share Intimacy in Leaked Video

Celebrated singer Desire Luzinda and city businessman Emmanuel Lwasa are getting closer to each other each day that dawns.

The video of the two enjoying intimacy has leaked to ChimpLyf.

According some of the snapshots frozen from the video which was recorded by Desire while at a city hangout, she is seen giggling and smiling, while lightly touching Lwasa’s shoulder, who is seated next to her.

Desire, who is clad in a black dress, is seen tapping Lwasa, as he smiles heartily.

Meanwhile Lwasa, who pretends to be scrolling through his phone, is seemingly enjoying the moment. Occasionally, whenever he wants to whisper to her, Lwasa is seen tapping Desire to raise her attention.  They later left the venue together in Lwasa’s car.


Desire and Lwasa have been in the news lately and although they denied having anything going on between them, their video seems to reveal otherwise.

It should also be noted that Lwasa recently threw Desire a lavish birthday party at Space Lounge, which was the second in row.

Desire tickles Lwasa’s ear
She rests her hand on him
Lwasa with Desire taking a ride in his Mercedes Benz
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