PHOTOS: COVID-19 Scare: Body of Ugandan Living in Qatar Buried in Kayunga

Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS) has rushed to speak out on the circumstances under which the body of a Ugandan man who died in Qatar was buried in Kayunga district on Monday.

The humanitarian body said the deceased identified as Daniel Sebuliba, was not COVID-19 positive.

The statement comes at a time health officials are working around the clock to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in the country.

Qatar, a major transit for travelers, has since recorded 6,533 Coronavirus cases with 9 deaths.

URCS publicist, Irene Nakasiita, said the burial was “managed by our Safe and Dignified Burial team. The deceased wasn’t a COVID-19 case.”

She said Sebuliba was living in Qatar where he collapsed and fell in his bathroom.

“Unfortunately he didn’t make it. Now, why bury him by our team? With the current COVID-19 situation, the government considered him to be buried like this to prevent the family members from being exposed,” she emphasised.

President Museveni last week warned against repatriation of COVID-19 victims.

URCS staff at the burial of Sebuliba in Kayunga (Photos: URCS)

Nakasiita said the process of moving a dead body that came through from a high risk country and transit centre can easily become a point of infection and transfer of the Coronavirus.

“There, to avoid exposing the family, government of Uganda assigned Uganda Red Cross this role through the Ministry of Health and the body was buried in Kayunga,” she said.

“All family members who were in contact with the late were also handed over to the District Health team for examination just to rule out any anomalies.”

The Civil Aviation Authority said in a brief statement that “human remains were formally received through Entebbe International Airport on Sunday, April 19, 2020 aboard Qatar Airways from Doha. There wasn’t any disguise. The Standard Operating Procedures for receiving human remains were observed in the presence of officials from the Uganda Red Cross Society, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health…”

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