PHOTOS: Couples, Gorgeous Babes Flock Tokosa Food Festival

It was not only a day of families and children, as usual, Kampala slay queens could not allow to be left out at the Tokosa Food Festival.

They walked in majestically attired in their best patras, cool skinny jeans, short body hugging dresses and stylish hairstyles.

The couples on the other hand confidently attended knowing they were well taken care of with the food, great music, entertainment and above all drinks.

“My girlfriend has always wanted to taste Indian food, I heard that all kinds of restaurants one desires convene at Tokosa so I brought her,” said Arthur Mutumba who was holding hands with his girlfriend.


As the sun set, the more slay queens and couples got crazy; dancing, dubbing, whining to the amazing entertainment and ordering more eats.

They indeed had a good time participating in eating and cooking competitions too.



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