Photos: Couples Flaunt their Love at Blankets and Wine

Blankets and Wine is known for many things and one of the top five is that it gives lovebirds a platform to express affection and show off their partners to the world.

During this edition, majority of those that attended were couples moving in twos, holding hands, hugging, laughing and sitting together.

If you were a single and not strong hearted you could easily burst into flames because the level of public display of affection was at its best.

“We celebrated our anniversary this week as a couple and I felt it was a good gesture to bring her here for Blankets and Wine as a gift because she has always loved this event,” said a Kawalya Ian who was beaming with happiness while holding his wife.

Some of them came out with their children making it a family day out. The kids were catered for with sweet beverages, chicken and ice cream.

By night time the couples went wild as entertainment went up a notch with performances that made them dub each other while shaking their bodies like no one was watching.

“Baby I want that drink exactly..that one” she said

Kenneth, this lady has a real smile…
Wama we almost found matching outfits


Aya…the award for best couple goes to…
Since it was couples day out..this kid couldn’t find her parents

Sseki did you bring the drinks I asked you for?
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