PHOTOS: Bryan White Mobbed by Boda Boda Riders

Yesterday afternoon, Sunday 4th November 2018, self-styled philanthropist Bryan White real name Brian Kirumira was mobbed by motor cyclists also known as Boda Boda riders in Bunga as he went about usual errands.

Eyewitnesses intimate that the Bryan White Foundation boss had parked at Shell Bunga to refuel his vehicle when the cyclists mobbed him, cheering him on while some said words we were not able to interprete considering they were at a distance.

Bryan White at the petrol station before Boda Boda riders mobbed him

However, judging from the events that followed, the Boda riders were begging him for money considering he goes around dishing out cash, telling him their problems hoping for a solution.

After listening to them for over ten minutes while his vehicle was being refueled, the pencil thin Bryan White was seen reaching in his pockets and getting an unspecified amount of money to which he gave the cyclists much to their excitement.

Bryan White after paying for fuel

The Boda Boda riders left very happy while singing his name.

Bryan White was cruising in a sleek black Convertible Mercedes Benz SL500 registration number UBB 480Z.

At the end of the bizarre events, Bryan White’s ride had consumed 35 litres of fuel worth Shs163, 393.

Bryan White signaling to the attendants before leaving

He later drove off to proceed with his errands.

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