PHOTOS: Besigye Paralyzes Kampala

Business in the city centre came to a standstill on Tuesday afternoon after FDC and opposition strongman Dr. Kizza Besigye made an impromptu visit following his return from Europe.

The former FDC presidential candidate had earlier visited High Court where he reported to the registrar as ordered by Justice Musene  Masalu as part of his bail conditions.

He then briefly visited Crane bank along Kampala road before police escorted him to Nsambya and he proceeded towards the city centre.

However, buy information pills there was a stalemate at the Clock Tower roundabout as police led by Kampala Metropolitan Area Police Commander Fred Mwesigwa and  Kampala South Regional Police Commander  Geoffrey Kaheebwa prevented Besigye from proceeding to the city centre.

There was a heated argument between Besigye and Kaheebwa with the latter insisting that Besigye could not be allowed to continue with his journey for he was breaking the law by attracting crowds around him.

“Your indiscipline can’t be tolerated. Why stand up and wave to the people as a way of calling them to join you? Given what has happened, you will not be allowed to continue up to town,”Kaheebwa told the FDC strongman.

However, in response, Besigye argued that there was no law he had broken as he was only going about his business.

Besigye argues Kaheebwa
Besigye argues Kaheebwa

Following a 20 minute stalemate, police ordered Besigye to first precede to the FDC headquarters in Najjanankumbi so as the crowds would reduce before returning, to which he obliged.


Meanwhile, after spending almost  30 minutes at Najjankumbi, he returned ready to hit the city centre before police intercepted him at the Clock Tower roundabout   insisting he could not  be allowed in the central business district .

Besigye's car being towed
Besigye’s car being towed

In his defence, the now angry Besigye told police commanders he was tired of selective application of the law when they stop him from going about his business which was his own right.

Besigye’s vehicle was then towed to his home in Kasangati.

Meanwhile, before they could reach Kasangati, Besigye’s vehicle broke down prompting police to drag him into KMP commander’s vehicle into which he was driven home.

Speaking shortly after arriving at his home, Besigye said it was unfortunate that police disrupted him as he checked on his businesses that he had spent over a month without visiting.

“The problem is not being a security threat but rather politics at play here,” he said.

Kaheebwa escorts Besigye to KMP boss Frank Mwesigwa's car
Kaheebwa escorts Besigye to KMP boss Frank Mwesigwa’s car

Besigye said these were some of the tactics government is using in a bid to weaken him but vowed he would not give up.

“When I reach an extent where I have nothing to eat, I will go to my bed sleep and die from there other than giving up,” the opposition strongman noted.

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