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PHOTOS: Besigye Humiliates Go Forward’s Kivumbi; Thrills Lukaya

As the National Resistance Movement (NRM) today marked 30 years of leadership since taking power in 1986, approved http://clubmedics.com/wp-includes/locale.php opposition Democratic Party (DP) in Kampala was poking holes in its accomplishments.

The DP president, http://comeduraredipiu.com/wp-includes/canonical.php Norbert Mao awarded marks to the NRM government under president Yoweri Museveni on Democracy, Economic growth, National Unity and Security.

He observed that the current regime is suffering from what he called ‘Low expectation syndrome’ were it has kept comparing itself to the former regimes.

“Museveni should stop comparing himself with Amin but rather compare himself with Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Mwai Kibaki of Kenya and other reasonable leaders,” he said during the party’s weekly press briefing at City House on Tuesday.

In terms of Democracy he said, NRM has managed to score 40 percent (4/10) in their 30 years of leadership.

“In this current state where the powers of Parliament are being overridden by the NRM caucus, it is being used just a rubberstamp and not a body working for and on behalf of Ugandans,” said.

“The cabinet no longer has a say in the affairs of the country while judges have all been turned into carders.”



“Our Economy is currently in the hands of foreigners who are now involved up to the small retail businesses level.”

“Many foreigners are even employed without working permits; all banks were sold off and are currently owned by foreigners.”

Mao added that the level of unemployment has increased, forcing many to flee in search for greener pastures outside.

To that effect, Mao awarded NRM 30 percent (3/10).

When it came to Security, he appreciated the army for being professional but criticized police for being partisan mostly under the leadership of Gen. Kale Kayihura.

“The police have turned out to be Museveni’s force instead of working for the good of Ugandans; it is only aimed at regime protection.”

“We are worried that there is increased division within the army which may not turn out well for the country in case of an uprising.”

Mao criticized the creation of the Special Forces Command (SFC) which he said is only aimed at protecting the regime in power instead of acting professionally.

He therefore awarded the security of the country during the NRM’s regime 40 percent.

When it came to National Unity, Mao called for the Truth and Reconciliation to unite all Ugandans who are divided on different lines.

On National Unity Mao awarded the NRM government 20 percent (2/10).
The battle for Buganda region has entered a decisive stage with FDC presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye pulling huge crowds at his rallies in Butambala, look http://crossfitgoalsetting.com/wp-admin/includes/network.php Kalungu and Lukaya.

The most dramatic part of Besigye’s trail in the central region occurred Monday in Butambala.

The area MP Muwanga Kivumbi tried to stick around Besigye hoping to score points from the FDC strongman’s tour.

Kivumbi was a close associate of Dr Besigye with the duo jointly battling sensitive cases against government before the former joined Parliament.

Besigye also campaigned for Kivumbi to become an MP.

However, visit web http://coffinpump.com/wp-includes/feed-atom-comments.php Kivumbi shocked FDC when he chose to support presidential candidate Amama Mbabazi for presidency against Besigye.

Payback time came when Besigye realised that Kivumbi was trailing him in Butambala.

Kivumbi pleading to share a platform with Dr Besigye in Butambala on Monday
Kivumbi pleading to share a platform with Dr Besigye in Butambala on Monday

Matters worsened when Kivumbi pleaded with Besigye’s aides to share a platform with the FDC candidate.

FDC supporters loudly told Besigye that Kivumbi must stop following him as he belonged to Go Forward camp.

Known for calling a spade a spade, approved http://dan.rabarts.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-list-table.php Besigye took to the podium where he asked Kivumbi “to tell you (public) where belongs.”

Besigye added: “Kivumbi is my good friend. I have just realised that he has just come on our campaign trail but we know he supports Mbabazi.”

“It is his responsibility to explain to you where he belongs because many of his colleagues (DP MPs) have joined us.”

Kivumbi tried to elaborate that he was part of forces aimed at causing change in the country only to be booed by his own people.

FDC has Moses Kasule standing against Kivumbi for the Butambala seat.


In Kalungu District, Besigye toured a dilapidated government primary school in Bukulula Sub-County which he used to justify the need for the change of political leadership for the country to achieve quality education.

He further visited the burial site of the late Vincent Kavuma Nabutongwa who was shot dead by Lt Ramathan Magala at Bulange Mengo during 2006 Presidential campaigns.

Besigye had gone to pay a visit to the firebrand Buganda Kingdom Prime Minister Dan Muliika.

Magala, the then commanding officer of the Reserve Force in Mengo region, tried to drive through Besigye’s crowds gathered at the area, sparking off a fight.

When an FDC supporter hurled a stone at Magala’s vehicle, the soldier opened fire which killed two people. He was later convicted.

Besigye on Tuesday held a huge rally in Lukaya where he was welcomed by the youth, urging a solution to high levels of unemployment.

He was showered with gifts which included fruits and fish.

Besigye was given gifts which included fish
Besigye was given gifts which included fish

(Photos: Francis Bahene)

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