PHOTOS: Bell Jamz Silent Disco Lights Up New Nana Hostel

The mood at New Nana Hostel on Saturday, 1st September was one you see once in a lifetime. The jolly and excited students at the experience of the first ever hostel silent disco could not stop chanting ‘this party is lit.’

Some of the night’s DJs doing their thing

Organized by Muchachos and Campus Bee, the campus students’ silent disco that was very much highly anticipated did not disappoint at all as many attendees were left yearning for more as they raved to the coolest music spun by Kampala’s top deejays.

The Bell Jamz silent disco brought such smiles out the babes at the event

“We owe you, I feel like we should have paid more than just 10k. I can’t wait for MUBS edition,” an excited student commented.

She seemed to be in her own world that very moment

Revelers started flocking the event as early as 7pm. Different DJs that included DJ Roja, DJ XZYL, DJ Ciza, DJ Jerry, VJ Spinny, DJ Nyowe, and DJ Derrick et al mesmerized the crowd with their exclusive beats.

A dude enjoys the company of three babes at the silent disco

The turntables were left spinning. The colorful event from the headphone lights and set up was so much likened to an urbanized and organized street lights carnival.

Everybody at the Bell Jamz silent disco was on thir feet all night

Through its music platform ‘Bell Jamz’Bell Lager is the premium sponsor of the Hostel Silent Disco.

It was a thumbs up from these partiers

Several Bell Lager goodies were won- some of which included free face beats, the most exciting was; the people that partied the most were recruited as Bell Brand Ambassadors.

Dudes enjoying Bell Lager which was flowing all night long. 

What is Hostel Silent Disco?


As it celebrates over five years in the game, Campus Bee, Uganda’s biggest university news portal in association with Muchachos have organized a series of Hostel Silent Disco throughout this semester.

A couple poses for a picture at the Bell Jamz silent disco

The first edition comprises of 5 events, in 5 different Universities with 12 Deejays playing the hottest music.

It was clearly a colourful event

The next Hostel Silent Disco will take place on 23rd September 2018 at Makerere University Business School (MUBS), Uganda Christian University (MUST), Mbarara University of Science Technology (MUST) and International University of East Africa (Kansanga).

The night’s emcee Sheila Saltofie worked up the revelers
Apparently, you can also squeeze during silent disco!
Babes like these who partied most were recruited as Bell brand ambassadors
Now if this is not having fun, then I dont know what it is
It was a thumbs up for the Bell Jamz Silent Disco from the revelers
Campus babes of all shapes and sizes were present and entertained
It was a full house at the New Nana Hostel on Saturday night


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