PHOTOS: Beach Vibes at Bayimba 10th Edition

It has emerged that Kampala is slowly becoming a Coco hotspot. And when we talk about Coco, we mean Uganda Waragi coconut.

If you have attended house parties of late, you know that UG Coconut is now the in thing.

No party is complete without a Muzinga of Coconut. Especially if you are looking at hosting a bevy of Kampala girls.

This weekend was no different. Loco for Coco rocked the annual Bayimba Festival that was held at the National Theatre.

While  performances by artistes  like  Jose Chameleone, Cindy, H.E Bobi Wine, Chance Nalubega and others were thrilling the crowd, the Coconut pop-up beach was also a major attraction.

Complete with beach tables and a cabana-type setting, you could literally dig your feet into the sand while you were served luscious cocktails by attractive girls dressed in flimsy beach outfits.

The cocktail revolution has taken Kampala by storm. Whereas many opted for the traditional beer in a cup, a good number of people preferred their drinks stirred and shaken.

Crystal Twebaze, who is part of the Go Loco for Coco team says that;


“The cocktails were affordably priced and had unique names.  One particular favorite was the “Tropic Like it’s Hot”.”

And there was no better place to enjoy these than at a festival, with the best of contemporary art to go with it.

It was certainly a buffet of arts (so many options to choose from) with a cocktail of drinks.

So, are you going Loco for Coco?

Revelers at Bayimba Festival taste UG Coco Cocktails
She can testify about the divine taste of UG Coco
UG Loco cocktails being mixed
This beauty enjoyed UG Coco
These ladies enjoyed the beach moment
When the Coconut is as precious as life
Revelers enjoy UG Coco at Bayimba Festival


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