PHOTOS: Aziz Azion, Kusasira Thrill at Ekitagata Kya VOK in Kabale

The Ekitagata Kya Voice of Kigezi 2018 held at Kabale Municipal Stadium on Saturday will be remembered as one of the most attended concerts of all time in the region.

Catherine Kusaisra dances with a fan on stage

Marking eighteen years of existence, the celebrations attracted a full house despite the fact that it was for paying.

Bakiga bases enjoying local brew Enturire with beer

The event which started as early as 8pm with performances from musicians Aziz Azion, Catherine Kusasira, Penny Patra, Ray G l who left their fans in Kabale yearning for more.

Singer Penny Patra gets upclose and personal with a male fan

While on stage, Aziz Azion told fans that it was his first time performing in Kabale for the ten years he has been in the music business.

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