PHOTOS: Army Blocks FDC Meeting in Buikwe

The army has Tuesday stopped a meeting organized by FDC leaders in Buikwe district, Eastern Uganda. 

FDC President Patrick Amuriat was chairing the gathering when the military personnel entered the premises and stopped the deliberations.

FDC officials say party leaders intended to address the local leadership as part of the preparations for the 2021 elections. 

Dr Kizza Besigye was expected to speak at the event. 

He arrived at a time the military was dispersing the party leaders.

The State accuses the opposition leaders of cultivating ground for a popular uprising to unseat President Museveni. 

Amuriat waving at crowds in Buikwe after the intervention of the military

But FDC maintains it’s strengthening grassroots structures as part of its mobilization strategy as the country braced for the next general elections. 

Defence Spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire was not readily available for comment.


President Museveni this past week warned against what he described as unlawful assemblies. 

“If you want to assemble publically or to procession, it must be for a legitimate reason,” said Museveni in a widely publicized article.

The military kept a close eye on the crowds in Buikwe

“If it is to preach hate, to decampaign investments in Uganda etc., then we shall not allow you.  Those who have ignored this logic have paid a heavy price,” he emphasised.

The opposition has vowed stiff resistance, saying the law grants them the right of assembly. 

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