PHOTOS: Angry Catholics Descend on Road Construction Site, Fill Up Trench

Details have emerged on what transpired in the meeting attended by presidential hopeful Amama Mbabazi at The Democratic Alliance headquarters in Naguru, pharm Kampala on Thursday.

The meeting was graced by FDC’s Dr Kizza Besigye, nurse Mugisha Muntu, pills Augustine Ruzindana and Mbabazi among other top TDA officials.

It should be remembered that Mbabazi, through his pressure group commanded by Hope Mwesigye, actively participated in the process leading to the formation of the TDA.

Despite having a series of engagements, Mbabazi’s camp is yet to append its signature on the TDA documents due to several reasons officials described as “tactical.”

According to TDA’s Policy Analyst, Godber Tumushabe, “Mbabazi today re-affirmed his commitment to the TDA principles.”

TDA describes itself as an alliance of democracy-seeking political parties, pressure groups and citizens, working together to build a Uganda where there is equal opportunity and shared prosperity for all citizens.

Tumushabe told ChimpReports today evening that a person seeking to contest as a joint candidate of TDA must be presented or endorsed by TDA members.



And to promote accountability and responsibility in leadership, TDA requires interested persons seeking to be joint candidates of the Alliance to be presented by the TDA members that are signatory to the TDA protocol.

Asked to explain whether Mbabazi would need endorsement from other political groups, Tumushabe said the former Prime Minister has “an advantage and does not need to be vetted because his pressure group and that of Prof Gilbert Bukenya participated in the negotiation of the protocol.”

Pressed to clarify on why Mbabazi is taking long to sign the protocol which he fully supports, Tumushabe responded: “He can sign any time. We still have time. There are strategic considerations we must take into account.”

He added: “TDA knows clearly the tactical advantages being sought in this arrangement.”

The Joint Presidential Candidate and the joint candidates for the Lord Mayor of Kampala and other cities will be selected by the Summit by consensus. This process starts next week.

TDA’s National Candidates Committee will receive and process nomination papers and present a report on the basis of which the Summit will make its decisions.

The TDA guidelines provide that a person seeking to contest as an independent but is ready to sign a declaration in support of the TDA minimum commitments shall be endorsed by a specified number of TDA members as set out in the criteria.

The goal of TDA is to win power and establish a Transitional Government of National Unity (TGNU) committed to implementing the Alliance’s Agenda, including constitutional and electoral reforms as demanded by the citizens.

Mbabazi recently announced plans to stand as an independent after cursing the NRM to sabotaging his presidential ambitions through intimidation and arrest of his supporters among other reasons.
There was mayhem at Christ the King Church in Kabale Municipality on Thursday morning, patient after Christians descended on a water drainage trench that had been constructed by Reynolds Construction Company (RCC), sales and started filling it up.

The RCC had been contracted to construct a 2.5 kilometer stretch in Kabale town.

This all started on Wednesday, when the parish priest, Rev .Fr. Fred Birungi put announcements on radios calling Catholics, who would come to attend the morning mass, to bring hoes and other tools, to fil up the trench.

The parish priest accused RCC of constructing the trench in Church land without the consent of the Church leaders.

Birungi also said that when he reported the matter to the Kabale Municipal Council authorities and the office of the Kabale Resident District Commissioner, Darius Nandinda, he did not get any help.

Enock Ndyomugyenyi the Kigezi Regional Deputy  RPC talks to Fr. Fred  Birungi
Enock Ndyomugyenyi, the Kigezi Regional Deputy RPC talks to Fr. Fred Birungi
One f the Catholic leaders tried to cool down the irate parishioners but in vain
One f the Catholic leaders tried to cool down the irate parishioners but in vain
Ndyomugyenyi being led to the scene
Ndyomugyenyi being led to the scene
Catholics filling up the trench
Catholics filling up the trench

Fr. Birungi, says that when he talked to Nandinda, he arrogantly threatened that he would arrest anyone that would tamper with the trench.

This did not go down well with the priest, He mobilized the Catholics through the media to come and fill up the trench.

The Catholics also accused the company of digging the trench and failing to cover it, which rendered their church inaccessible.

Some residents in the area also accused the company of diverting the drainage line, from its original path before letting another developer identified as Valentine Kahababo to construct a house in the space.

The parish council chairman, Isaiah Kanyamahane said that, as a church, they were not against development but that the RCC Company should have come and negotiated with the church administration about the matter.

Kabale Deputy Town Clerk Reuben Ntegyereize who arrived at the scene was chased way by the angry parishioners.

It took the intervention of the Kigezi Deputy Region Police Commander, Enock Ndyomugyenyi to calm down the angry Catholics, who later promised to convene a meeting to mediate the two parties.

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