PHOTOS: Age Limit: Chaos as Soldiers Invade Parliament Chapel

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has suspended the House to 2:00pm to clarify on claims that soldiers had taken over the places of worship in Parliament and could not allow anyone to access them.

The contentious matter was raised by Hon. Lucy Akello, the head of the Catholic chaplaincy who told the house that she was informed by the cleaners that are supposed to clean the place of worship that the place was occupied by soldiers and were not allowed access to it yet they were supposed to have prayers by 1:00pm.

“My heart is bleeding that our places of worship have been invaded by soldiers and when I tried to access the place to verify, I found there soldiers who questioned me what I was doing there and how I accessed the place,” Akello said.

“Why are we continuing to pretend yet Parliament designated places of worship and yet our motto is a country puts God first; I would like to know why our chaplaincy in occupied by soldiers,” she added.

At this time, Bukooli South MP, Solomon Sselwanyi put her on order noting that he went to the chaplaincy but found soldiers who “were  praying.”

This sparked chaos in the house where Aruu county MP, Odonga Otto pounced on Sselwanyi pulling him off the microphone, accusing him of tabling lies.

The MPs later went to the chaplaincy to find that the place had been turned into soldiers lodging place.

According to MPs, both the Cathplic and Angelican Chapples were found filled with plates, cups, food left overs and water bottles.

MPs seizing the utensils that were found in the chapels

The MPs also say they found bottles filled with urine, apprently because the soldiers didnt have rest rooms.

The angry legistalors clashed with parliament security, and managed to seize the plates and bottles as evidence which they plan to show the speaker when parliament resumes in the afternoon.

Most of the legislators termed the event and shameful, an an assault on religion.

“This was blasphemy! This is why I will now have to go and Pray from Christ the King,” said Hon Odonga Otto, adding that he would expect an appology.

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga recently banned external security agents from Parliament, and ordered closure of the entry connecting the house and the President’s office.

Mps claim the same entry was used by the invaders once again .

According to Hon Reagan Okumu, once the angry MPs stormed the churches, the Police allowed the soldiers to flee through the corridor back to the President’s House.


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