Photos: Abiriga Buried As Museveni Vows to Fight Sectarian Ghosts

President Yoweri Museveni has reiterated the commitment and resolve of the National Resistance Movement Government (NRM) to fight political ‘evil ghosts’ based on tribalism, religion and those who nurture hatred for democracy.

“For us, we fight genuine wars. Why kill elected people of Uganda? A fighter for a cause does not fight a person in his house, car. If you want to fight go to the bush. Why can’t the NRM kill the people of the opposition? If you want to start war against the NRM you will obviously lose,” he warned.

The President was today mourning the late Colonel (RTD) Ibrahim Abiriga, the MP for Arua Municipality at Jandua village in Rhino Camp Sub-County during prayers for the late legislator who was slain in Kawanda on Friday 300 metres away from his family in, Wakiso District Wakiso District. His mortal remains were laid to rest at his ancestral home village of Lukudu, Eramva Parish in Lower Madi County in Arua District.

The President, who was accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Janet Museveni, said that although the death of MP Abiriga, has caused worry, sadness and anger, which sentiments he also shares, he is however confident that those who have opened war on NRM, will be defeated decisively.

“Though everyone is worried, sad and angry; for me I am sad, equally angry but confident. We will fight those who have opened war against NRM and will be defeated decisively,” he vowed.

He described the killers of MP Abiriga, based on politics, as evil people further saying they are pigs that do not have value. He said that Abiriga has been killed because he was hated for liking NRM who was a good mobiliser, very uncompromising and loyal. He informed the people of West Nile Sub-Region, both young old, that he feels amazed when one does not like NRM.

“By 1986, everyone in the region lived in exile in the Sudan and Congo; but when I hear people saying that NRM is bad,  I forgive  them. If it was not for NRM, the people of west Nile wouldn’t have come from exile. It’s  historically  proven,” he said.


The President said that the NRM Government granted citizens of Uganda freedom of expression with the prevailing peace that has been abused. He warned those who use social media irresponsibly that they will answer  for it saying if need strong laws can be legislated to check social media. He also announced that government is going to put stringent regulations on commercial motor-bikes (bodabodas).

Mr. Museveni told mourners that the government will construct a classroom block at Rhino Camp Primary School where fallen MP Abiriga studied in the legislator’s memory and also pledged support the family members. He put Shs.50 million in MP Abiriga’s clan’s SACCO as a revolving fund for their economic livelihood.

The President heartily thanked the people of Rhino Camp area for sending off the late MP Abiriga in big numbers.

1st Deputy Premier, Hon. Moses Ali reminded every Ugandan citizen to have a stake in security saying that the issue should not be viewed as only being government’s responsibility.

On her part, NRM Secretary General, Justine Kasule Lumumba described the late Abiriga as a staunch and loyal cadre of the Party.

“Abiriga appeared and mobilized almost at all parliamentary by-elections to support the Party flag bearers,” she said.

Arua District LC5 Chairman, Sam Wadri Nyakua, asked government to bring to fruition the projects the late Abiriga has had no opportunity complete such as tarmacking Rhino Camp to Arua Municipality as well as the roads in Arua Municipality. He castigated those who had come out to contest for the Municipality parliamentary seat before the fallen NRM legislator is buried. He apologized for the unbecoming behavior displayed yesterday when the casket of late MP Abiriga was brought to Arua Municipality.

The Mayor of Arua Municipality, Isa Kato, reported that West Nile Sub-Region had been subscribing to the opposition but that through the late Col. Abiriga, the area had been mobilized and converted to NRM.

Lower Madi MP, Ismail Ogama, described the late Abiriga as a person who will for long, be remembered for openness and honesty.

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