Photos: A Short Excursion to Jinja

I have always wondered what a whole journey from Kampala to Jinja would be like but here l am, ready to break it down for you. Let’s roll.

Time check; 11 am, l and a few colleagues take on the long-awaited Jinja excursion.

This was part of the ‘Tulambule Campaign’ by the Uganda Tourism Board. The campaign aims at encouraging Ugandan citizens and resident foreigners to explore Uganda.

Our first stop was the famous Namawojjolo trading center, a roadside market full of vendors that sell roasted chicken which ranges from UGX 3500 to 5000, Gonja soda, water, and many other snacks.

My 3rd Zip linning experience

From there, we headed to Mabira Central Forest Reserve, a rainforest located on the main Kampala – Jinja highway in Mukono district. At this moment we were only 44 km from Kampala. We made a small turn in Lugazi and headed to Griffin Falls Camp.

Griffin Falls Camp

It’s my 3rd time doing zip lining at this particular spot but guess what, it always gets to me. The thought of flying like a bird and chilling with the monkeys is everything.

When l was a child, l loved kites and l used to run with one around the house. It was very fulfilling for me but one thing is for sure, l always wondered what it would be like flying in the air.


We are at the reception, where we met Hussein Kato our guide of the day. Kato briefed us about the activity; the does and the don’ts.

Later he interested us in signing a waiver which means basically signing your life away.

We are all ready with our gears. The next step was to hike for about 30 minutes to the starting point.

The daredevil in me can’t wait to start on the zip line experience.

“The trees on either side of the line are 40 meters high and 80 meters apart,” Kato said.

One by one, my teammates took on the Zipline as the rest of us cheered on.

By the time l was on the sixth line, l was fearless and felt like l could conquer any challenge.

At only 60,000 UGX for Ugandans and 50 USD for foreigners, you get to face your greatest fear of heights and concur them.

From there, we continued to Jinja and spent our night at Nile River Explorers Camp.

It’s a beautiful experience camping at Nile River Explorers in Jinja. Their tents are specifically designed to give campers extreme comfort.

Such a special place where you can enjoy the calmness of River Nile as well as watch the awesome sunrise and sunset!

Nile Boat cruise

A Nile Riverboat cruise is the best answer for anyone looking for a perfect place to relax for hours with our any interruptions.

Boat cruise on the Nile

There is a sunset cruise that will take your breath away and a Nile lunch cruise which gives you a different treat as well at an amicable fee of 45 USD per person and children under the age of 12 at half price.

Day two; we traveled to Riverside Woods Lodge/ Ssezibwa Falls and made a small stopover at Bannz Nile Grill.

Other activities one can do in Jinja are Biking along the Nile and in the town, visiting the Source of the Nile, white water rafting, horseback riding, quad biking, visiting Itanda Falls and taking on tubing on the Nile.

Bannz Nile Grill

It’s an upscale restaurant that gives a special treat to travelers along Jinja highway situated in Namagunga, 20 minutes after Mukono town.

For the lovers of freshly brewed coffee, this is an awesome spot for you.

Riverside Woods Lodge and Ssezibwa falls

We spent a night at the New Riverside Woods Lodge, which is a few meters away from Ssezibwa falls.

It’s the perfect getaway for the travelers who don’t want to go very far from Kampala but yet they are looking for a peaceful environment.

Biking experience in Jinja

For a second there, l forgot all the hustle and bustle of Kampala and soaked in the natural beauty of the lodge and its environment.

It was even more refreshing knowing that everything we ate was freshly produced from their farm.

Ssezibwa falls

To me, Ssezibwa Falls remains one of Buganda’s hidden treasures. The site is a cultural heritage at the far border of Kyagwe and Bugerere parish in the eastern part of the Buganda Kingdom.

Ssezibwa is a land decorated with beautiful rocks, green savannas, wildflowers, Alpine meadows and tumbling falls pouring into a flat pool sparking clear gold.

The place has a treat for everyone from hikers to picnic lovers, photographers, etc. It has you all covered.

It’s the river with a great story of a one Tebatesa Nakangu, wife of Nsubuga Ssebwato who gave birth to streams of water, who are the popular Wasswa Ssezibwa and Kato who is the Mubeya river now.

Riverside woods lodge

Ssezibwa pours its water in Lake Kyoga while Mubeya pours in Lake Victoria.

People from different backgrounds up to date visit Ssezibwa Falls to get blessings and pray for their wishes to come true.

Adults are charged UGX 5,000 to visit Ssezibwa while students pay UGX 3,000. Ugandan resident foreigners ay UGX 10,000 while foreigners UGX 20,000.

Ssezibwa falls







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