PHOTOS: 10 Pigs Dropped at Parliament, 2 Arrested

Police on Thursday morning was involved in a scuffle with 2 youths belonging to the Jobless Brotherhood, pilule who dropped 10 piglets at the main entrance to Parliament.

Donning white t-shirts, treatment the youths carried 4 sacks that contained the piglets before letting them loose at the main entrance to the August House.

The youths unleash their package at Parliament
The youths unleash their package at Parliament

There was a scuffle as police tried to arrest the youths who never wanted to let go of some of the piglets they had in their hands as they tried to forcefully enter parliament.

Police however successfully arrested the 2 youths and detained them at the Central Police Station. The youths in custody were identified as Joseph Mubiru and Ruta Ferdinand.

The piglets in blue and yellow colors had names of some members of parliament written on their backs.

The pigs were painted in both FDC and NRM colors
A police officer kicks one of the piglets

According to another document dropped near parliament by the Brotherhood, adiposity the act was a warning to the Members of Parliament to focus on what took them to the August House other than debating issues concerning their own benefit.

“There are blue and yellow piglets with names inscribed to show that the Members of Parliament are united when it comes to issues of sharing money. There are no efforts made to see teachers get good pay and hospitals are equipped with drugs but only money issues to MPs are debated,” read part of the document by the Jobless Brotherhood.

The animals also had names of some MPs inscribed on their loins
The animals also had names of some MPs inscribed on their loins

The Kampala Metropolitan Area police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said he could not readily give information about the incident but promised to get back to our reporter over the same matter.


Speaking to Chimpreports, the Director of Communication at parliament Chris Obore however described the act as an old trick of seeking public attention, stressing that the money for MPs was already allocated in the budget.

Officers gather the piglets
Officers gather the piglets

“The Health Ministry was given over one trillion, works and transport over 3 trillion, why is it that the Shs400 billion to parliament is becoming a big deal? It seems when people lack substantive ideas, they turn to such things,” Obore said.


“Politics is good but one for just the sake is redundant. Their tricks no longer appeal to the public.”

A few years back, the same group of the Jobless Brotherhood dropped yellow piglets at parliament and other places around the city centre.



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