PHOTO: Tricks City Pastors Use to Harvest Wealth From Believers

Ugandan pastors are using several tricks to entice their believers into giving them millions of shillings in form of tithes, ‘sowing’ or general contributions to church activities, which has mad these pastors very wealthy.

This has seen a sharp increase in very wealthy pastors who literally harvest the wealth from their believers, using several tricks, some of which we exposed today.,


Elvis Mbonye-Going to Heaven

By his own claims, Mbonye regularly walks to ‘heaven’ to have conversations with Jesus Christ and he has said so in several interviews.

Mbonye, of Elvis Mbonye Ministries, entices his flock with soothing gospel melodies and threats of eternal damnation for non-compliance with the will of God (the God he usually visits in heaven.)

He charges whoever wants to know what god thinks about him or her a certain fee.

Mbonye also charges varying amounts of money for specific blessings. For instance, his blessings charges rage from Shs300,000 (USD85) for a Bronze blessing; Silver is Shs500,00(USD185); Gold at Shs700,000 (USD210) and Platinum at Shs1m (USD275). This money is usually put in envelopes distinguished according to amounts and is different from offertory. So if you see Mbonye cruising around in Range Rovers and other SUVs or living a flashy life and making people kiss his shoes, wonder not why. He deals with the ‘Haves’ and shuns the ‘Have Not’s’.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye alights from his Range Rover (inset) some of his believers


Aloysius Bugingo-Jobs, Houses

He is the controversial pastor of House of Prayer Ministries Church, who has accumulated lots of wealth within a few years.

Bugingo is biffing with several pastors who include Joseph Sserwadda, David Kiganda and others who dragged him to court for burning a bible and attacking them during his sermons.

He attracts believers to his church by castigating fellow pastors and portraying them as the biblical false prophets.

Bugingo is loaded whereby his properties include multimillion church he is erecting so as to harvest more money from believers.

He also owns Salt TV, Salt Radio, a fleet of vehicles that include SUVs like Range Rovers, a Land Cruiser VX, among others.  Believers who get jobs, build houses or go abroad to do (Kyeyo) after praying from his church surrender half of their  salary for a specific period of time to his church as Thanksgiving.

Pr. Aloysius Bugingo


David Kiganda- Prayer Envelopes

He is the pastor at Christianity Centre Focus church which he also owns. Kiganda, who is part of the governing council for Pentecostal churches in Uganda is a very ambitious pastor who is extremely wealthy.

However, he makes money through distributing prayer envelopes to all believers in his church. Whoever wants to be prayed for fills their enveloped with money. The envelopes range from between Shs10,000 to Shs100,000, Shs1,000,000 and above, depending on one’s problems.

David Kiganda before and after getting wealthy


Wilson Bugembe-HIV/AIDS Relief

The lead pastor and owner of Light The World church in Nansana is another wealthy man of God who harvests hundreds of millions of shillings from his believers.

Apart from minting millions from preaching the gospel, Bugembe is also a popular musician who reaps big from his selling his gospel music.

Over the years he has invested heavily in real estate business and  has a swanky crib in Nansana, plus a fleet of cars. Bugembe usually holds annual congregations for all celebrities in Uganda from which he harvests hundreds of millions of shillings through collecting money from believers who go to his church to see these celebs.

Bugembe also claims to have been born HIV+ but was only saved by God’s grace.

Pastor Wilson Bugembe before and after making money

He has thus based on this to attract throngs of believers burdened by HIV-related problems,  with hope that he will pray for them  and they get ‘cured’ like him; they pay hefty tithes for this.



Augustine Yiga-Special Prayers

He has made himself a name after allegedly fighting evil amongst his believers by sending it back to wherever it came from, hence the name ‘Abizaayo’.

Yiga, who is said to have started life as a diviner before turning pastor is one of the wealthiest pastors in Uganda. Apart from his Christian Revival Centre Church in Kawaala, he owns ABS TV, a secondary school, several real estate projects and vehicles.

However, apart from harvesting money from his school, TV station and other projects, Pr. Yiga is known for offering some of the most expensive prayers for his believers.

Sources at his church reveal that he offers special prayers, miracles and anointing oil to his believers at a special fee; in short, he earns from selling prayers, miracles and anointments.

Pr. Augustine Yiga, before and after making money


Aaron Mutebi-Schools

He is the lead pastor and owner of Entebbe Miracle Centre Church.

Pastor Mutebi started his church in the late 90s and by early 2000 it had started booming.

The tricks he uses to harvest wealth include building schools and houses, plus buying several coasters, vans and trucks which he uses to ferry believers from every corner of the country to his church for free.

He also uses the same vehicles each of which is inscribed with the word ‘WALOKOKA?’ for commercial purposes.

Most of Mutebi’s believers rent his houses while their children study at his schools, meaning that he harvests most  their money.

He has also invested heavily in leisure and hospitality whereby he owns a hotel and gardens near his church on Kitooro Road, from which he also reaps hundreds of millions of shillings annually.

Pastor Aaron Mutebi; Then and Now


Samuel Kakande-Holy Rice, Water

The main pastor and owner of Synagogue Church of Nations is one of the wealthiest pastors in Uganda.

He harvests money from believers through selling them several things that include; Holy Rice which costs Shs50,000 per kilo, Quail Eggs, Holy paw-paws, Holy Water, Passion fruits, Holy Calendars, among other things. He is however most renowned for selling Holy Water, which people lineup to buy at Shs10K per five litres,  on top of selling anointing oil locally known as Amafuta.

Kakande has vast pieces of land in Kalangala district, Mubende and other parts of the country is heavily involved in agriculture and sells most of his produce to believers in his church at revised prices. He is famed for driving a monster Mercedes Benz G-50 which is valued at over Shs1Bn.

Pastor Samuel Kakande before and after making money


Imelda Namutebi- Amafuta (Holy Oil)

Until recently, Namutebi, the owner of Liberty Worship Centre Church in Lugala, was known as one of the powerful pastors in Uganda famed for performing miracles.

Namutebi’s reputation as a female pastor who could even cure people with HIV/AIDS went far and wide, helping her accumulate lots of wealth from believers.

However, she was demystified when several people started coming out to give testimonies about her fake miracles.

One of them Grace Kashemire, who formerly worked for Namutebi as a personal aide at her church before they fell out. Kashemire spilt all dirty secrets about Namutebi’s purported miracles and revealed how she mints money.

Matters worsened when several of Namutebi’s believers started accusing  her of allegedly charging them exorbitant fees for miracles and prayers which didn’t work.

Amongst them was an HIV/AIDS patient who accused Namutebi of allegedly taking her Mercedes Benz and lots of money after promising to cure her of AIDS but failed.



Robert Kayanja-Miracles

Everyone knows that Kayanja is wealthy but this doesn’t stop him from acquiring more money.

The owner of Miracle Centre Cathedral in Lubaga had gone off the social scene following allegations that were levied against him by Pastors Solomon Male, Martin Ssempa and others until he resurfaced with his 77 DOGS (Days of Glory). During his 77 DOGS, Kayanja reportedly made several celebrities dogged by diseases, drug addictions, alcoholism and other problems to convert to Born Again Christianity, after which he claimed to have performed miracles for them.

But word has since been circulating that he used the celebs who included Cute Kaye, Papa Cidy and others to attract throngs of believers to his church, such that he could collect hefty tithes and offertories from the congregations.

Kayanja also offers special prayer sessions to his believers who want miracles at a fee.

He is also known for organizing crusades with international preachers like Ben Hinn and others from which he mints millions of shillings.  Through his Channel 44 and other mediums, Kayanja also begs believers to give him donations through mobile money (he advertises MM numbers on his TV), envelopes or any other way they find convenient, in exchange for prayers.

Pr. Robert Kayanja before and after making money



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