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PHOTO: Gen Sejusa Residence Still Under Military Guard

Heavily-armed soldiers remain on guard at the residence of former Coordinator of Intelligence Organs, Gen David Sejusa, almost two years after court ruled he was no longer a serving officer.

High Court Judge Justice Oumo Oguli in 2016 determined that Sejusa had been “constructively discharged” since the army had withdrawn a salary, uniform and guns from the former spy chief.

The army reacted angrily over the verdict and threatened to file an application to challenge it.

ChimpReports understands the army did not make good on its threats.

“The UPDF has never filed an appeal,” Sejusa’s lawyer, Ladislaus Rwakafuzi told us on Monday morning

“The truth of matter is that he is no longer part of UPDF. They don’t pay him a salary. He doesn’t get anything from them. How do you say he is still a member of UPDF?” said the human rights lawyer.

Asked why soldiers remained deployed at Sejusa’s residence in Naguru, a Kampala suburb, defence spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire said “they have always been there.”

He further described Sejusa as a “serving general”.


While retired UPDF generals retain guards, the deployment at Sejusa’s residence is quite significant.

Soldiers wielding automatic assault rifles can be seen outside his gate where they maintain at least 4 tents.

Asked if Sejusa was under house arrest, Karemire responded: “No.”

Rwakafuzi also confirmed that Sejusa “is going about his private business normally,” adding, “he is okay.”

Gen David Sejusa

Since court declared he was no longer a serving UPDF officer, Sejusa has been quiet.

A firebrand military officer, Sejusa shook the nation when he called for an investigation into claims that high ranking government officials opposed to President Museveni’s alleged succession plan were targeted for assassination.

Government dismissed the claims as “alarmist” before shutting down newspapers that published articles related to Sejusa’s controversial letter.

He would later flee to exile in Britain where he mobilised Ugandans to form a group that would seek to remove President Museveni from power.

This plan appears to have collapsed when Sejusa was successfully wooed back home.

While observers expected Sejusa to actively support the opposition during the 2016 elections, the former NRA combatant chose to keep a low profile.

This underscored the notion that Sejusa could have opted to quit active politics to secure his freedom.

During Sejusa’s stay in exile, Museveni told journalists that the general had made “a lot of mistakes” and would not escape the long arm of the law especially after being declared a deserter by the army.

“His comments and threats are not much of a concern to us, but it’s only a matter of law which he broke and which he must face,” said Museveni.

Sejusa was briefed remanded to Luzira Prison after being charged with absence from duty without leave, conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline of the army, participating in political party activities and insubordination.


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