Phone, Cattle Thieves Netted in Mbarara 

Police in Mbarara are holding a group of suspected criminals believed to be behind attacks and robberies on mainly university students and business people in the night.

Mbarara DPC Jaffar Magyezi says the group, buy despite its small size, tadalafil is spread across the municipality.

These according to police steal mainly mobile phones, healing laptops and are also believed to have committed a number of murders in their missions.

Some of the suspects at Mbarara Police Station
Some of the suspects at Mbarara Police Station

The suspects now in custody are Michael Akampurira from Ntungamo, Francis Kiseka from Karisizo Rakai, Ismail Tinkasimire from Mulago Kampala, Sulayit Muhanguzi, Nicholas Tumuhairwe, and Brian Kakoza all from Mbarara.

The group claims they have been using sorcery to dodge arrests and shootings from police. They also confessed they have been selling the stolen items to Kampala, within Mbarara and to DRC.

They also said they had formal contracts with some businesses to supply them with stolen gadgets.

DPC Magyezi says the 6 suspects were found with over 50 stolen phones and 2 laptops which he said will be returned to owners.

He added that the suspects normally hide in cinema halls and bars and come out in the night to embark on their missions.

Another group of suspects was found with stolen cows
Another group of suspects was found with stolen cows

The suspects were arrested from Nkokonjeru while using a motor cycle no. UEM 314Q to rob someone’s house.

In another development the DPC paraded another group of 3 men known for stealing cattle in the district.

The arrested include; Moses Kisembo from Ibanda, Sunday Paul from Bushenyi and Kateeba Badiru from Ruti Mbarara.

The 3 were found with 2 cattle in unidentified Mark II


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