Personal Attacks Intensify in Kigezi Ahead of 2021

With the political campaign season around the corner, vile attackers are heating up in the south western Kigezi region as aspirants for political seats move to mudsling their potential contenders.

Yesterday in Rubanda district, there was drama at St. Mark Kigazi Church of Uganda as the Rubanda East MP Henry Musasizi clashed with the district chairman Kenneth Jogo Biryabarema

Biryabarema is said to have eyes on Musasizi’s parliamentary seat.

Musasizi became irate when arrived at the church’s fundraising function and found that Biryabarema was the guest of honour.

The MP told the Christians that he would not contribute anything at the function because of their choice of guest of honor.

“I’m not going to give you anything; if you want my money, you should organise another function and invite me as the guest of honour,” said Musasizi.

He also went on to attack Biryabarema, accusing him of withholding relief items from people of Rubanda east for political reasons.

“I recently went to the Office of the Prime Minister and lobbied rice for the people of Rubanda East but it was hijacked by the chairman and he never gave it out to the people, because he knew that that they would support me.”


He said all this as while directly staring at and point fingers at Biryabarema, who simply looked on. The MP thereafter, stormed out of the church as Christian’s heckled him.

Commenting about the incident, Chairman Biryabarema condemned the MP’s behaviour.

“I never invited myself here’ I was invited by the church in writing. Let us respect churches and stop using them badly. I apologise on the behave of government for what has happened” said Musasizi.

On his part, Rev. Simon Komunda blasted politicians for turning places of worship into political platforms.

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