People Were Drunk-Boat Cruise Survivor Speaks Out

Nsereko Shamila, one of the survives of the horrible incident on Lake Victoria last Saturday evening where  a boat carrying over 120 partiers on a boat cruise capsized has blamed the loss of lives to alcohol and lack of life jackets.

Miss Nsereko, who was yesterday morning (Sunday) at Mulago Hospital waiting for the bodies of her friends, said that they thought the boat had just lost control before it sunk.

“From the beginning we were told to balance the boat because we were many but most people didn’t adhere. It’s very hard to talk to people who are drunk,” she said.

Nsereko added that when it sunk, many were told hold on to each other for support only for many to fight for life as they pulled each other.

“Then we had the boat sink all of a sudden and we were on pressure and there was a clever guy who climbed on top of the boat and lit his phone for the rescuers to see the signal. We were told that we hold ourselves together. It was through this that we waited for rescuers to come pick us. Some of us couldn’t wait and they drowned in that confusion,” Nsereko added as she cried on her friends’ shoulder.

By last evening, 35 people had been confirmed dead as the rescue team continues search for more bodies.


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