Pearl Beauty Pageant Launched, Set for Countrywide Search

Over the past years, Uganda’s pageantry has received criticism, both positive and negative.

It’s at the backdrop of this that Olivia Nambuya better known as Mama Oli and a few other members have launched the “Pearl Beauty Pageant.”

Asked why she took the move, Mama Oli told Journalists that: “The pageants being held in the country right now do not at all represent the pearl.”

“We Ugandan women are not slim. Some are, but not all of us. And certainly not that standard model size our pageants peddle across Ugandan borders.”

When grilled abut the difference her initiative would have on Pageantry, she said “Quite honestly, the definition of a beauty queen has many a time been misrepresented, and it is time to correct that, thus the Pearl Beauty Pageant,” relayed Mama Oli.

In partnership with renowned Pageantry expert Percy Madhaba from Venezuela and Comedian Bright Onak, the pageant is set for a countrywide search of queens in the near future.

Percy, a pageant expert from Venezuela 
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